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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-02-02
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This is an addon and fix for the great Trolca´s street mod. For this version, you dont need to download the original Trolca´s mod.

This version allows dirty textured streets in the unzoned, farming and garbage areas only. The rest of zones and wealths will always show the standar street textures.

All the new diagonal street and intersection tiles are included. Also all the new NAM street intersections. It is fully compatible with last NAM´s release.

You can see extended information and post your feedback in this thread:
Diagonal Dirty Streets Addon

The mod includes one file:
Diagonal Dirty Streets Extended version_unzoned_and_farming.dat
The file name is self explanatory.

Make sure that those files load AFTER the NAM,
by placing them in an appropiate folder. None of the original Trolca´s street mod must be installed for this mod to work.
This mod is not compatible with the Diagonal Dirty Streets_Simplified Version. If you have it installed, remove it before installing this one.
If you place a plopable lot of any type near a dirty street, the standart streets textures will show. There is actually no satisfactory way to fix this

This mod is possible only thanks to Swamper77, who discovered the way to control the textures (in a limited but useful way), and shared this knowledgement with the community. And to Trolca who made an important part of the textures !!!

I hope you like it !!!

NOTE: A Dirty streets EuroRoad compatible mod is also on the way, as well as some great NAM underpasses gently made by Smoncrie. Check the mentioned link in the next days if you are interested.

Please send your feedback and/or bugs and/or missing textures to the mentioned thread


TonyNobo Gonna try it. 2012-10-06
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011-12-01
dwelln8hss32 Very cool option. Can\'t wait to try them out! Thanks! 2009-12-30
pablo1991 really thanks friend ;) 2009-07-10
Sloma Great addition to the game. 2007-05-09
couchpotato Thanks to all who participated in making this mod. 2007-02-23