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Using BATs by stephenhh that represent residential buildings from the German city Hamburg, I have created large lots to enable the recreation of entire residential estates.

The first projects concerning such open residential estates composed of rented flats were started in the 20's. After many years of living in narrow tenements with dark backyards, people finally were to be provided with flats that combined bright and green surroundings with sensible construction costs and affordable rents. Thus, especially the outskirts of the cities saw an increasing number of flats and residential estates, mostly with no more than 1 to 4 storeys.

Finally, these residential estates can be built in SimMayors' cities, too - all it takes is a few mouse clicks. Just use the [Ctrl] key to zone coherent medium dense residential areas of 4x5, 5x4 or 5x5 squares. Provided that the growth conditions are appropriate, you will quickly have a typical element of almost every modern city in your SimCity as well. These lots are part 2 of the second set of large lots in contemporary European architecture style, consisting of dachas for low density, pre-fabricated buildings as they can be seen in most (formerly) socialist countries for high density, and these 50's suburban residential estates for medium density.

The basic idea was to offer a possibility to create urban districts with an individual character using lots of the same size that can overgrow each other as the city develops, but keep the character of the district. For example, if you overzone one of these lots with higher density, you will sooner or later see how the area gets upgraded to a bigger lot from this set - unless you have any other Euro-style lots of this size installed in your plugins folder.

Since these buildings have been erected with average worker families in mind, they have been implemented in SimCity as R- buildings. They have been designed as medium density because such residential estates don't form very densely built areas in real life, either. Besides, this allows a clean distinction towards the other two lot types from this series, allotments and pre-fabricated tenements. Further large lots are planned in order enable different blocks to be built according to the current demand levels.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

  • SFBT Essentials


sejr99999 thank you will add a nice bit of variety to these large lots 2010-12-16
bblubb And these nicely break the grid. 2007-10-15