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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-10-14
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JrnShore Conforming Seawalls

Version 2007

DiagonalWallsSea Style Set

This was my second lots set, released late 2004.... a long time ago.
I have finally cleaned up the set, and updated several things. The changes
I made to this 2007 version:

  • Use of slope conforming fences
  • Use of placing arrows to help the user to place the lots
  • Changed the building exemplar to allow custom flora placement on the lots
  • Changed the transparent tiles containing overlay textures, which caused
    the "water bug" to appear. Now some lots do
    have transparent tiles, and the previous semi-transparent
    tiles do have a neutral base texture.
  • Changed several properties related to park/landmark effect, pollution
    and such things, to make the lots more neutral
  • Changed all the lots wealth to Low Wealth
  • Two extra water lots added
  • Custom icons and descriptions added
  • New correlative menu placement

I hope you find the improvements useful. I feel specially proud of this, my
second creation, and I always enjoyed it really much 

The pack includes the following lots:

Plopable Lots

01 Jrn Seawalls
Straight 1X

02 Jrn Seawalls
Straight 3X

03 Jrn Seawalls
Outer Corner

04 Jrn Seawalls
Inner Corner

05 Jrn Seawalls
Upper Diagonal

06 Jrn Seawalls
Lower Diagonal *Water required*

07 Jrn Seawalls
Right Diagonal

08 Jrn Seawalls
Left Diagonal

09 Jrn Seawalls
Water Filler *Water required*

10 Jrn Seawalls Land Filler

11 Jrn Diagonal
Walls Straight piece 1X (Sea Style)

12 Jrn Diagonal
Walls Diagonal Upper (Sea Style)

13 Jrn Diagonal
Walls Diagonal Lower (Sea Style)

14 Jrn Seawalls Stright 1x *Water required* New

15 Jrn Seawalls Stright 3x *Water required* New

Additional Files

Textures needed

Textures needed

BSC Props Jeronij Vol 01 Arrows.dat Custom
Props needed

The usable lots appear under the parks and recreation menu. Just extract Jrn Shore
Conforming Seawalls folder
in your SC4 Plugins folder.


You need the following files for the lots to work properly:

BSC Mega Prop Pack jeronij Vol06

BSC Textures Pack jeronij Vol01


A Mini Tutorial about
the lots placement is included in the readme. Dont forget to have a look
to it. Also the in game lot descriptions are more helpful now.

Walls Style can be placed as usual. You can
combine all the lots on land covering. Diagonal and Seawalls, except the two ones that require Water to be placed.

I must specially thank the work Mr. PEG did with the RTK style, witch serves as the base for this development.

I hope you enjoy them. ;-)

This set was previously released by late
2004 - Set revised and updated by jeronij / October 2007

File updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


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Nardo69 I was waiting for them! I am using them since they were released back in 2004 and recommended to so much people I am surprised their downloand number didn\'t skyrocket untill now ... 2007-10-15
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