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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007-10-12
Last Update: 2007-10-12 File Type: Water
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Jeronij Transparent Plopable water
Description This is a new version of the old known plopable water. The most remarcable difference is the water transparency, which allow new and fresh free credible streams and rivers creation.
Details and Informartion There are four different water colours included in this set: Light Blue, Light Blue with turbulences, Greem with turbulences and Dirty with turbulences. Every colour comes in three sizes, 1.5x1.5, 1x1 and 2x2, so you can easily create different water width bodies. There is a total of 12 mods included in this set. The mods show under the Mayor mode menu. The water stands at 4 meters height, so you can place most of the existing flora mods under it.
Compatibility These props are compatible with SC4 with or without Rush Hour expansion pack.
�Installation �Simply unzip the included folders to your plugins folder. Make sure you do no copy the htm or the jpg files.
�Dependencies None
�Credits �Thanks to the whole SC4 community for keeping this great game alive!!! - Special Thanks to cogeo for sharing the transparency trick ���
�Feedback and Support Transparent Plopable Water Support thread.
User Agreement By installing this mod, you do agree to not redistribute it. If your creation needs this mod, please include a link to SC4Devotion where you downloaded it.
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This package contains pieces for use with Sim City 4 or Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition. Any other use is at your own risk. This is a free custom creation by jeronij


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_SeVEN_ that\'s sooooo amazing nice one ;) 10/10 2008-05-06
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2008-04-30
gerkan I hope it will work! Great idea, thanks! I hope there is some program to get the sea transparent too! 2008-03-24
bippy WOW. Awesome work, thank you for sharing. 2008-03-15
arthurMM can a bridge go over it? 2008-02-18
Minpin987 AWESOME!!!! Great work, thanks! 2008-01-15
Darmok Thanks for that one amigo, another amelioration of the game at your credit! Simply awesome! 2007-12-05
Burro You crazy biatch! This is positively awesome! 2007-11-06
EVIL_SoMEoNE great mon, thanks! 2007-11-04
Livin in Sim Another work of art from Jeroni\'s toolbox, you never stop working to make the game more beautiful. 2007-10-20
JADsHome Excellent thankyou - at last something decent to replace the opaque Edmonton ploppable water ;-) 2007-10-20
geogeek wow this is crazy!! just what i needed for a realistic mountain lake!! thanks jeronij!! 2007-10-19
ZmL Bloody brilliant!!!!!! 2007-10-18
Mastermind137 very nice! Where can I find those plants around the waters edge? 2007-10-18
mattb325 Thankyou so much jeronij - this is amazing 2007-10-16
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Hydra Great work this one. 2007-10-14
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bat Awesome work, jeronij! 2007-10-14
Interstate80 WOW this is awsome:0)I can\'t wait to use it in my cities thank you for creating this! 2007-10-14
flame1396 Cool.... maybe now I\'ll actually use plop water. Its more like game water now :D 2007-10-13
dogfight Great work. I\'ll give it a try. Thanks for sharing 2007-10-13
Derbert Excellent! I\'m having sooo much fun. A definite must have for water lovers! 2007-10-13
OwenYoman Shadow Prophet - we all love it, but maybe express it without the profanity? 2007-10-13
FrankvU Yeah! I\'ll use it as quick as possible. It probably evens changes the way we terraform our maps: no need to keep to the sealevel if we want to make beautiful streams and lakes....I suppose. We\'ll see what comes out of this. Thanks for everything. 2007-10-13
Shadow_prophet NOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!! 100000000/10 2007-10-13
gfv1974 Yay - it\'s finally here! Great work, Jeronij - thank you so much!! 2007-10-13
way 2007-10-12
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zero7 Ploppable water just evolved to it\'s next level ... 2007-10-12
capo it\'s here, it\'s here, it\'s finally here! :-) 2007-10-12
Mas71 It\'s realy wonderful !! Thank you so much Jeronij !! 2007-10-12
yoshiisland2 Dude this is pretty tight! Thanks a lot, JRJ!! 2007-10-12
TheTeaCat Gurbh Mile Maith Agat(A thousand Thanks in Gaelic). Jeroni you have given us a very nice gift by sharing with us this wonderful new version of water. A well deserved cuppa on the way to you. 2007-10-12
ryalmighty1 FINALLY!!! REAL LOOKING WATER!! This is the best water since PEG\'s ponds, just easier to use! 2007-10-12
Sim_Idiot Amazing work! Thanks so much for creating this! 11/10 2007-10-12
LoneRanger Wow, allready!! Gonna testdrive this baby. :P Thanx Jeronij. 2007-10-12
OwenYoman More than one color? You are amazing JrJ :) As Serkanner said, revolutionary! 2007-10-12
MMorales2 Amazing!!! Thank you for your wonderful work and I hope to see some more. 2007-10-12
Serkanner Revolutionary modification for the game. Thank you very much for making this happen :-) 2007-10-12
couchpotato Wonderful... thank you so much 2007-10-12
patfirefghtr WOW im soooooo excited to get ahold of this..... Thank you soooo verrrrrry Much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-10-12
SimNation Wow I didnt expect you to finish this so early..thought it would take awhile. Fantastic work the water and rocks and flora look great. Cant wait to try this out. 10/10 2007-10-12