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Creator: Serkanner Upload Date: 2007-10-07
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This is the Recycling version altered in a way it can be used without the need of any canal set. If you have the dependencies of the original version then you don't need any other dependencies.
PEG-CDK3 Garbage Dock
BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 01
BSC Mega Props JES Vol 01
BSC Mega Props JES Vol 03
BSC Textures Vol 01
SFBT Essentials
Rail Yard And Spur Textures Mega Pack 1 The read-me, included in this download, contains links to the above mentioned packs.


tarmiji thanks 2011-12-18
joeltp85 Looks cool, but when I try to download all that\'s installed is an empty folder. Too bad. 2010-12-17
Tenzwood This is nice. I have both now =) 2010-02-23
roni-m3 thank you 2009-09-21
jamezz very nice i like a lot! 2008-09-29
seanqiutian Excellent Lot Pretty like it 2007-11-18
mattb325 This is fantastic. Many thanks for sharing 2007-11-04
Serkanner That is correct Kwakelaar, there is a very small BAT included. 2007-10-16
kwakelaar I even heard a rumour there were some batting involved in this one, great work. 2007-10-16
c.p. Should be very useful. Thanks! 2007-10-14
sebes Excellent Erik! 2007-10-13
Hydra Nice and dirty I like it. 2007-10-08
jacqulina excellent thanks 2007-10-08
Tarkus Very nice, Serkanner! 2007-10-07
Shadow_prophet Excellently trashy :P 2007-10-07
Silur Excellent work - Thank You 2007-10-07
zero7 Very useful lot. Thanks. 2007-10-07
Glenni Perfectly crappy =P 2007-10-07