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The first drafts for the "Plattenbauten" (pre-fabricated buildings made out of concrete slabs) in the former German Democratic Republic are based on the Bauhaus style. In the 70s and 80s of the 20th century plans were made to satisfy the immense demand for residential buildings. With using a few clear shapes and types the planners created mass residentials for the common citizen. The result where these "Plattenbauten", which are even more dedicated to functionalism than the original plans of the Bauhaus era. They can be erected in only a few days, so they are very efficient to fight housing shortage. According to plans of the GDR's government, every city should have at least one quarter with these pre-fabricated buildings. Well-known examples are the blocks of Berlin-Marzahn or the cities of Schwedt and Rostock.

The building that was recreated for this download can be found in Theodor Fontane's hometown Neuruppin, near Berlin/Germany. Whereas everywhere in Eastern Germany pre-fab buildings are torn-off, the vacancy rate in Neuruppin is only about 3% due to wide-spread renewal. Today, mainly medium-wealth residents live in these buildings, but since in former times they were mainly intended for low-wealth occupants, this building was designated as R-.

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Pilaitis Hi, in this picture they look perfect, but they don't grow in my city, while Midrises and Highrises are growing. Can someone help me?<br /> 2015-11-21
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