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Creator: Serkanner Upload Date: 2007-09-29
Last Update: 2007-10-04 File Type: Plop
Views: 6860 Category: Utilities - Garbage
Last Downloaded: 2020-10-18 Downloads: 5827


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Edit: the update of 04Oktober2007 is a small correction to the lot file. The updated lot has a better recognizable menu icon. No other changes have been made. Simply replace the original lot file with the new one and all should be well. As a lotter we have a great number of custom content available to make the best lots for the game possible.
One of the in-game items I use but think can do with some more variation is the recycling Center. I decided to make my own version and fill in a gap of the available Simgoober Canal Pieces.
I am rather proud to present you my version of a Recycling Center using the canal pieces by Simgoober, the great Crane by Pegasus, Textures by North Country Dude ... and best of all a fantastic Barge made by jestarr and donated to use in this lot. I am very grateful to all custom content creators to provide us with these awesome models.
This lot doesn't come without some dependency files, but I think these are already in most people's plugins folder anyway.

jes_SG_CanalGarbageDock_PoweredBarge-TimedA.dat = Included
jes_SG_Canal_GarbageDock_NoBarge-TimedB.dat = Included
PEG-CDK3 Garbage Dock
BSC MEGA Props SG Vol 01
BSC Mega Props JES Vol 01
BSC Mega Props JES Vol 03
BSC Textures Vol 01
SFBT Essentials
Rail Yard And Spur Textures Mega Pack 1
BSC Canals - Base Set

The read-me, included in this download, contains links to the above mentioned packs.

Lot statistics
Lot size: 8 x 5 tiles Menu position: Building: Utility,Building: Landfill,Building: Recycle Jobs: Jobs $ : 72,Jobs $$ : 0,Jobs $$$ : 0,R-$ : 72,R-$$ : 0,R-$$$ : 0 Plop cost: 5000 Bulldoze cost: 450 Monthly cost: 700 population served: 100,000 Flammability: 77 Max. Fire Stage: 5 Power consumption: 9 MWh/month Water consumption: 150 Gallons/month Air pollution: 4 over 3 tiles Water pollution: 5 over 4 tiles Garbage pollution: 0 over 0 tiles


tarmiji thanks 2011-12-18
roni-m3 great 2009-09-21
mattb325 Great addition to the game and very realistic. Thanks for sharing 2007-11-04
jacqulina wonderfull work thanks 2007-10-02
kwakelaar This is very a nicely made lot. 2007-10-01
kimcar Usefull lots . Thanks 2007-09-29
zero7 Liked this when I saw it previewed. Excellent lotmaking. 2007-09-29
OwenYoman I like this alot. Any chance of it being released with CAL\'s remastered SG canals? 2007-09-29
patfirefghtr Sooo very trashie and soo very enjoyable Serkanner... Ty for this wonderful lot.... 2007-09-29
relics8801 It\'s very nice work !! Thanks for upload to us :) 2007-09-29
vester You make garbage looks good 2007-09-29