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One thing hasn't changed within all the years that have passed since the release of the very first "SimCity" version: It is based on a grid of squares, and all transit networks and buildings are bound to this grid. And although you can build roads and rail tracks diagonal as well, they will still show ugly jagged edges. This is where the diagonal filler lots come into the game. They feature triangular overlay textures that fits in right into those jagged edges and create smooth transitions for roadsides, pedestrian malls, farm fields and other lots.

This set contains 22 different lots which can be used for a variety of situations. There are various pavement textures that fit with the in-game sidewalks (for all three wealth levels) and the ped-mall puzzle pieces that come with the Network Addon Mod. But also rural areas will benefit from this set. There are several lots with brown and green textures included that go well with the various fields and orchards. And last but not least, this set contains lots for industrial areas and roadsides.

Several prop families ensure a diverse look, i. e. the trees that make use of the props that come with the SFBT Street Tree Mod by Andreas. You can use either one or more of the included prop family DATs, i. e. you can restrict the use to the Maxis trees, or the various trees created by Cycledogg and Pegasus. The rural lots also feature Cycledogg's fence props, and the industrial lots make use of the countless industrial props that jestarr has created.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

  • SFBT Essentials
  • SFBT Street Tree Mod
  • BSC Textures Vol. 1
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack Vol. 1 by Cycledogg
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack Vol. 1 by jestarr


Stewey These are a must have for every player. I would just like to add that BSC Textures Vol. 2 is also a required dependancy for these to show up correctly. :) 2013-12-13
alina2004 I can\'t believe these lots were out there since 2007 and I just discovered them! Wildly useful and thanks again for making this \"old\" game never boring! 2011-10-15
sejr99999 thank you will greatly improve appearance of my cities 2011-09-16
krsdwasp These lots are very useful, but I am having an issue with the transparent texture; if I save or use the underground view, they leave a \'hole\' in the ground texture, is there a way to fix this? 2011-02-01
Tenzwood Awsum! Just what I\'ve looked for for a long time, thanks =) 2010-01-08
debaser Okay, these lots don\'t appear to be triangular. They\'re square. What I\'m looking for is something to make an ugly stretch of diagonal avenue look like something that human beings would actually build. These square lots just amplify the problem, and they\'re very hard to use because of the MML, but if you take out the MML you\'d have a parks menu so long it would just add another issue. Seems like there used to be a mod for this a long time ago but I can\'t find it. 2009-08-25
Mii Mox Yay! 2008-12-26
Cosmic10065 Oh, nevermind, my question was answered on the street tree mod >_> disregard my last comment. I\'m sure I\'ll love these just by looking at the screenie! 2008-05-08
Cosmic10065 Question!!! Is the SFBT Street Tree Mod really required? Or is it optional? I don\'t really want to get it to use these... 2008-05-08
Jim Really : Thank You 2007-10-09
Andreas @Duvad: Yes, simply remove the MML mod in order to get back the standard behavior. 2007-10-05
Duvad The way this is set up right now, I seem to only be able to build one lot at a time. I place it then I have to reselect it from the menu again. Is there anyway you can change this so I can just plop them one after another? 2007-10-05
Lana 10/10 2007-10-02
Livin in Sim How clever that you have thought of this, and it is very well designed. It will greatly improve my playing enjoyment! 2007-09-28
DangerousPenguin Tremendous idea! 2007-09-26
szarkoz THANK YOU VERY MUCH! (sorry for caps, but this upload deserves it) 2007-09-26
bat56 Excellent, thank you for sharing!!! ;-) 2007-09-26
capo This is a must-have for everyone! 2007-09-25
spot nice ! 2007-09-25
anandus 2007-09-25
arkray7 loves it! 2007-09-25
c.p. Looks excellent. This should be very useful. Thanks. 2007-09-25
jmyers2043 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Can\'t say it enough. 2007-09-25
way Wonderfull, I love this 2007-09-24
OwenYoman Such a helpful upload. 2007-09-24
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2007-09-24
zero7 Very, VERY useful! 2007-09-24
Meastro444 love iT! 2007-09-24
DFire870 You are my hero. I\'ve been waiting for this for so long, and in my current region I have a need for these. Great job! 2007-09-24
Silur Excellent Work, Andreas !!! Thank You very much !!! 2007-09-24