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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007-09-24
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Following in jeronij's footsteps, this is another "all inclusive" mod that changes the look of your streets. The main focus is set to residential streets; however, a few commercial and agricultural zones can be altered as well. Other optional files will also change the look of the default Maxis trees on roads and oneway roads. The main goal of this mod is to add trees to streets in residential zones, as well as parked cars, which is a very common sight throughout Europe.

This mod is fully modular, so you can decide which street and road tiles should be affected by the mod, and you can also decide which trees should show up there. For this purpose, several street tree DATs have been created. It's even possible to mix the various tree styles, however the result will look best when you only install one DAT at once. More tree style DATs can be created later to use trees by other designers as well. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work for seasonal trees, but a seasonal tree version of this mod might be released later.

Depending on wealth type and zone density, the look of the streets varies. You won't see any cars parked on the curb in high-wealth low density zones, and only medium and high density zones will have parking bays and dirt circles for the trees. Please note that the DATs for roads and oneway roads will only change the trees, but they do not add any cars or parking bays to your roads. The DAT for agricultural zones doesn't add any cars or parking bays either.

You can install or uninstall the mod at any time you want. To update your streets with the new look (or the default Maxis look again), simply select the street tool and click on your streets, i. e. on the crossroads. The props will change automatically in a radius of a few tiles. By clicking more than one time, you can also alter the appearance of the trees, in case the first click didn't meet your liking for some reason. If brown boxes are showing up, please make sure you have all dependencies, as listed below.

Dependencies (see readme file for links)

  • BSC MEGA Prop Pack Cycledogg Vol. 1
  • Cycledogg No8 and No9 TreeModels
  • PEG MTP Resource Pack Vol. 1

Note: This download contains an installer for Windows. A Mac compatible version can be found here.


ohdude IT's a great mod! I'm asking here because simtropolis forum is offline. The problem is when i decided to install only maxis trees, cycledogg, peg trees appears on the street as well in the game. I would like a more uniform look but is no possible. Can anybody help me?. I will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance 2020-01-13
eminidis1993 Amazing mod! I am using it since 2008. There is a question though. The SAM 7 (Asphalt Mod) is my default one (I liked it the from the begining) but this mod will provide parking stripes for the default Maxis grey streets. Is there any known workaround to transform the parking lots from grey with stripes to asphalt (black) texture with stripes? Thank you again for your contribution! 2019-09-24
Salva1914 Wonderful . Thank you very much !!!! 2017-02-03
Abrams124 Ah sorry for the double post.Btw now it works the problem was i switched to software rendering and some of my mods require hardware rendering.Btw the mod looks beautifull!Thanks 2015-01-18
Abrams124 My game crashes! 2015-01-18
Abrams124 My game crashes! 2015-01-18
Servius I Love this mod!<br /> Thanks! 2014-08-23
nightshadow666 2014-06-20
Disasterjunkie Do I download this file and the three dependencies first and then click on install this file, <br /> or <br /> do i download this file first, click to install, the download the other 3 dependencies. 2014-03-15
Straight WEST Shame it works only with streets, not regular roads. 2013-01-11
Simolean123 cool but when i doenloaded the file, the readme didnt come up 2012-12-20
aciaca Can I ask why there are boxes around the streets? 2012-11-10
lawrence5324 I have all dependencies installed and i still get brown boxes. Is there anything that conflicts with this mod? 2012-11-02
mady97 thank 2012-08-25
mady97 thank 2012-08-25
ZachA Thanks for including the D\'d list in the read me ;) 2011-10-12
ovan155 thnks 2011-03-22
pizefron long ago there was a mod just like this one with seasonal trees but can\'t find it now it\'s out there but is really hard to find 2011-03-04
sejr99999 thank you I like the idea of cars parked at the curb hadn\'t thought of that 2010-12-16
Moore90 Errr nvm, fixed(noob). Thank you!! 2010-11-26
Moore90 Nooo, the brown boxes!! I\'ll have to look up how to get rid of them :/ 2010-11-26
leodex ty vm 2010-10-23
xXKronosXx Excellent, thanks a lot! 2010-10-12
MANIACAVE Thank you 2008-11-11
vinvin du 13 hiii,thats a very good lot but i have a problem,on my screen the trees are not looking like trees but only like color rays. thanks a lot 2008-04-09
1g059 Very nice, excellent thankyou 2008-01-07
Medyk87 ahahahahaha look it\'s great man XD XD XD XD XD XD 2007-11-19
SimNation Tested out the Road N One-Way Roads..not compatibility issues at all with JRJs street side mod. The Roads/OneWay Roads with trees look great..something that was deffenately needed. 2007-10-01
Andreas @SimNation: My mod changes the Maxis road/oneway road tiles that have trees, so these particular DATs should be compatible with jeronij\'s mod. @Keshi: Yes, you can use jeronij\'s sidewalk textures together with this mod, since the textures are independend of the actual network lots. 2007-10-01
Keshi By the way, I\'ve found that this works fine with the Jeronij sidewalk mod. So, since I like this one\'s trees and stuff better, I use this mod plus the sidewalk mod .dat from his streetside mod. (and the parking, of course, per the readme) They seem to be happy together. 2007-09-28
SimNation I got a good Q for you Andreas...since your mod is the first mod ive seen to make trees for Roads and One way Roads..will that conflict with JRJs since his only changes the streets? 2007-09-28
Andreas @Wyldone: You don\'t need to remove jeronij\'s mod if you don\'t want to use my Street Tree Mod. Simply install it along with the models, copy the DATs to another place and uninstall it again. @anandus: Yes, it\'s basically the same, with the only addition of a small mod that adds trees to diagonal streets as well. @all: For support issues, please post at the SFBT subforum, I don\'t check the comments here on a regular base. 2007-09-25
anandus Very nice! Is this the same as your \'older\' Street Tree mod? (Or am I confused?). Oh, and I would *love* to see a seasonal version! can you imagine zooming out, put the speed on \'cheetah\' and slowly see your city change colour? :D 2007-09-25
Wyldone So....do I install the mod, take out everythin\' else but the tree props, then reinstall Jeronij\'s mod? I\'m so confused \'bout where to start, \'n feel like I\'m takin\' up space here... 2007-09-25
Andreas The SFBT Street Tree Mod is not compatible with jeronij\'s Streetside Mod, but if you want to use the diagonal filler lots, you only need the tree props, not the actual Street Tree Mod itself. Simply remove all files except the tree prop DATs. Also, the mod should work fine with the SAM installed, but obviously, SAM streets won\'t have any trees, because they make use of different network items. 2007-09-24
Hydra Thank you. 2007-09-24
Wyldone Same here.....dangit.... 2007-09-24
jacqulina excellent thankyou 2007-09-24
Wyldone Same here.....dangit.... 2007-09-24
Gaston Hmmmm, not compatable with SAM makes me unhappy. And I so wanted to use the diagonal fillers. Guess I\'ll have to wait till the compatability issue is cleared up. 2007-09-24
Wyldone Then how in the world am I gonna use his other WONDERFUL diagonal fillers? Dangit! 2007-09-24
Meastro444 nope, it isnt wyldone. other than its temporary incompatability iwth SAM, i love it! 2007-09-24
Wyldone Is this compatible with Jeronij\'s street mod? I\'ve looked through the support thread there, but I\"m still confused. 2007-09-24
bigslark Will this eventually be compatible with the SAM? 2007-09-24