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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007-02-01
Last Update: 2009-02-13 File Type: Growable
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Updated with new Readmes loose in the main zip. Please note that the installed Readmes are the old ones and should be replaced by the ones in the zip.

A set of 18 farms - 6 for each growth stage - plus new fields to give your areas that Mediterranean look. There are four installers in the zip and each has its own Readme with details of dependencies.


AsimPika3172 Is farming time!!! 2018-09-18
Disasterjunkie Damn Cam has lots of dependencies... <br /> <br /> Last one. Thank you. 2014-07-07
ulyssedu45 merci 2013-01-03
mady97 thank 2012-08-25
leocomeglio nice dude 2012-03-27
prince_amy nice dude need lots a grapes 2012-01-31
dengyaxiang &#21703;&#22622;,&#36824;&#26834;&#21734;,&#22826;&#23628;&#21862;,&#25105;&#21916;&#27426;,&#35874;&#35874;&#27004;&#20027; 2012-01-16
jeffabes Is this SPAMpatible? 2011-07-20
geindoll thanks... 2011-03-28
ratinhorrn Muitoo Massa Msm VLWWWWWWWWWWWW 2010-12-27
sejr99999 thank you excellent & beautiful change of scenery opens up so much creative possibilities 2010-11-25
tavo_111 OMG Wonderfull 2010-08-26
couchpotato Hey everyone... this is an old file and the creator is gone. If the links to props are gone, check the Boxes link on the SC4D home page to find what you need. These farms are great and worth the effort. :) 2010-07-06
HOOK21 will anyone make a coffee farm? 2010-06-10
fleander if you start writing dependencies directly here in this window it would be less work... if you download 300 files at one day and have to look in every single readme it is a pain in the ass... nice work though 2010-06-01
Charles123 it\'s look like the age of empires II NICE!!!!!!!!!! 2010-05-16
fauleygirl brilliant - thank you! 2010-03-06
ZonZaucker awesome! does somebody know where I can find the olive farms? 2009-12-23
olympian850 5 stars, congrats. 2009-11-28
olympian850 very nice farms, go well with my rural cities 2009-09-02
barbyw To all who complained about broken links, you should post in the forums where I am more likely to see the comments. I have redone the Readmes that are included in the main zip and they now have up to date dependency lists. I cannot post the list here as it is long. The Readmes that install are the old ones so please replace them with the ones in the zip. 2009-02-13
Ndragonawa Sorry for my sudden anger, but nearly all of the links end in 404\'s and empty search results. After getting all of the listed (or trying to) dependencies, I still got boxes and missing textures. I\'d prefer you use BSC\'s dependency exchange, on account that it is faster and more organized, more reliable, and it tells me when I\'ve already downloaded said file. I suggest you put the links in the description rather than putting then in the read-me files also. 2009-01-25
Ndragonawa Your links are faulty! 2009-01-25
doodle 21 These lots have broken my heart. Most of the links were broken, but I used the dependencies section. I am not a regular downloader of BSC material, and had to download about 100 megabytes of megapacks. Even then there are some missing props. But worse still - the missing farm fields cannot be found via the dependencies section!! I must admit that it irks me slightly to download a mega pack for a few small props, but I\'m afraid this draws the line. I won\'t ever be able to have these beautiful farms in my cities. ;-( 2008-12-26
jules123456789 Beautiful !! 2008-12-03
pedroferreiralp This is wonderful! A bit of Southern Europe to our imaginary cities. This is absolutely wonderful! (I\'m from Portugal) 2008-10-08
lescoseoul just fantastic, Mbear, my favourite bat so far 2008-08-21
Yucan I just get brown boxes and can\'t find out which dependencies are missing... can anyone help? 2008-06-28
commanderkai This makes me feel like I should play Caesar III or something, amazing job...HOWEVER...alot of the prop links bring me to dead ends...so I can\'t be sure if this will work 2008-05-07
boboses The house became a box 2008-04-11
CelticArizona Can\'t open the zip files....don\'t really know why, I can open others, in fact have been able to open all up to this point, and I\'ve needed a lot, since I lost everything in a crash. 2008-02-27
Kcrimsonsim the dependency links in the readme no longer work. 2007-12-27
Lana 10/10 2007-09-28
bblubb They look fantastic. Make me feel like I\'m back on holidays. 2007-09-26
patfirefghtr ty 2007-08-03
rick48 The farms are great but 6x4 Betania Fruit needs 0xA0000960 prop. (in BSCBATProps D66 - vol 08.dat). It should have been in BSC MEGA Props D66 - vol 02 but somehow it is not. Where is an error? 2007-07-09
euphonial Looks cool! I\'ll give it a shot :-) 2007-05-17
ZonZaucker ahaah! the good old mediterranean flavour! always my favourite.. thank you 2007-03-08
Silur Excellent farms - great work - thanks ! 2007-02-16
Citynut these are great thank you so much 2007-02-14
cabrabuitre Gorgeous Mika... I LOVE this series!!! 2007-02-11
High5Tower This download gets my creative juices flowing.Thank you for your work. Now its time to go make a beautiful landscape. 2007-02-10
ms_arbez Does anyone know where I can find the missing MBEAR files? I get a 404 whenever I click any of the links for essentials and props. Otherwise, I love this collection, in spite of my SimCity4 packages! 2007-02-06
Serkanner This is like a complete Farm expansion pack Mediterranean style ... awesome work by both Mickebear and BarbyW 2007-02-01