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Creator: Serkanner Upload Date: 2007-01-30
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Are you also tired of having too many Power Stations in your cities? I know I have and decided to make something that can replace them. With the help of the excellend BAT's by Cogeo I made this lot which looks like an everyday Warehouse lot, but it acts like a Power Station, with some extra power added to not overflow your cities. This lot has been previously available on ST and the lot itself is still the same, but comes now with the BSC badge of approval. Have Fun!


rik658 and Logistics Centres MegaPack(stex) LCDP(lex) 2013-03-28
rik658 Logistics Centre Dependency Pack,Logistics Centre Dependency Pack, I had brown box before downloading these 2, now its fixed 2013-03-28
enterzandman There\'s a list of dependencies for you folks. It probably wasn\'t mentioned cause these dependencies are very common and most people already have them. But I looked them up and thought I\'d share them with those who need the list. 2013-02-05
enterzandman BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01.dat BSC Mega Props - JES Vol01.dat LCP_PropsAndTextures.dat 2013-02-05
goaxiii brown box for me too 2011-05-23
jackhermanson I am getting a brown box... Dependencies? 2011-04-29
Lilojame Thank you very much! 2008-10-30
City Builder My mistake, works fine, I just thought I already had the warehouse models but I didn\'t. 2008-03-15
City Builder Unfortunately it comes up a the Maxis brown paper wrapped box when I try to plop this down. I don\'t see any mention of a dependancy so... 2008-03-06
City Builder Very nice. I grew tired of placing windmills where windmills are not appropriate in smaller suburbs, this should help with my industrial areas, now I\'ve just got to find a house that acts the same as this for my residential suburb areas too. 2008-01-12
cammo2003 I\'ve downloaded this from the STEX and took to it with SC4Tool. :p The lot\'s great (I haven\'t modified its appearance whatsoever). 2007-07-03
Darthv53 Fantastic idea,and it looks great Thank You 2007-04-13
GrampaAl Looks very nice, and will fit well into my industrial manufacturing areas. 2007-01-31
M4346 Thanks! This can really come in handy! Excellent job! :) 2007-01-31
jestarr This is great! No more Maxis windmills. 2007-01-30
spacez52 Should work great in my rural cities where I have too many windmills/solar plants. Thanks. 2007-01-30
sebes Great idea - I will use it a lot, for sure. 2007-01-30
blackbeard Excellent.Thanx for sharing 2007-01-30
callagrafx Wow...a giant battery, cool. Thanks, I\'m fed up with windmills lol 2007-01-30
praiodan This really is great idea and it\'s well done as well! Thanks! 2007-01-30
EDGE4194 It looks great and definitely fills a need. Thanks 2007-01-30
jacqulina excellent work and a great idea 2007-01-30
barbyw I have been using this for some time and find it a very useful lot 2007-01-30