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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2007-08-01
Last Update: Never File Type: Gameplay
Views: 6069 Category: Parks - Eye Candy
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This is a simple lot that will spawn freight trucks and semi trucks on the roadways near it. This includes any custom freight truck automata such as the Vandy Automata set that I released earlier. The scripted generator will create 6 trucks a day onto the nearby roadways. The trucks will persist even if you destroy the lot that produces them.

INSTALLATION: Simply unzip the DAT file into your Plugins folder.

UNINSTALLATION: Simply delete the DAT file from your Plugins folder.


iAmCatFriendly This is excellent! 2012-08-31
maxmenard awsome! 2010-12-07
feechia thank you very much 2010-10-12
IDK cool 2009-10-27
Ghatt awesim thanks 2009-07-23
Batman5 This should be great I all ready have a train generator. 2007-12-10
Serkanner Very nifty indeed. 2007-08-27
snickm3081 Great! Thanks for making this. 2007-08-02
mjig_dudy very useful, thanks very much. 2007-08-02
Mas71 I like a \"Generatores\" ;) Thank you for sharing!! 2007-08-02
DiversiBruh I am extremely glad you are doing this. Thank you so much!!!! 2007-08-02