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SC4D Turns 10 Years Old This Month!!! How will you celebrate?

Author Topic: Rokton (entries 1-3)  (Read 47 times)

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Rokton (entries 1-3)
« on: Today at 07:04:53 AM »
Introduction to Rokton

So, having not been around for ages I've lately had the itch to start playing a city simulator again and have a go at being a virtual mayor. Deciding on Cities Skylines because hey, I like it (also because I have my SC4 discs and no manual and the Rush Hour manual and no disc but hey, such is life) and as usual for me choosing not to use Custom Content (reason is that I have a tendency to over detail things and get bored of projects, also with a little one now and other commitments I don't have a huge amount of free time (*any) and would like to have fun playing the game and growing a city rather than getting bogged down with detailing it. Plus watching a city expand has always been my favourite part over detailing stuff. I will try and make it look nice and as realistic as I can though).
So anyway after that wall of text this will basically just be my CJ for, as of now, the small town of Rokton (might add additional towns/cities later on, who knows). I can't promise that updates will be regular though I will try my best with them but I do hope some of you will enjoy this laid back approach to building a city.

Entry 1: Oh look, a town!

Right, lets get you introduced to Rokton, a small but growing town in this small coastal valley somewhere in some country (as you can tell, planning this back story wasn't exactly top of my list). You see some guy by the name of Mr Rokton wanted a quiet life and bought this out of the way area (yup the whole of it, he's pretty rich, including rights to the highway and rail network) complete with dodgy highways and precarious railroad to live a life of solitude.

Only trouble is he got bored, set up a farm, decided it was too much work for himself, hired some folk, let them rent some land and build some houses which in turn, attracted more folk who did the same and well, several years pass and the quiet area now boosts this town complete with industry and all. There's also a small chance that the horrifyingly horrify journey into the town along one of the coastal highways convinced people to settle here.

Mr Rokton isn't exactly impressed but as the local shopkeepers (fast food chains) like to point out it's his fault!

Anyway while he sat on his farmstead complaining to his farm hands about the situation his financial advisor showed him his earnings and how much rent everyone was paying.

Suddenly a lot more planning applications got approved and the town grew a bit to where it currently stands.

Hell, he even approved that dump. What a man of strong Principal Mr Rokton is!

Anyway that's what the town currently looks like, perfect little piece of paradise in the middle of nowhere.

Join us next time when I've no idea what will have happened! (or how long the next entry is even going to take me to get up)

So yer, there's the first look at this tiny little town and new CJ. Feel free to like it, leave a comment on it (or at least something remotely related) and even rant about how bad it looks (and the lack of Custom Content) and I'll see you again at some point in the future (hopefully!)

Till then enjoy!


PS. Jesus, how many brackets did I use in this post!


Entry 2: Grow my pretty!

So, in case the title didn't give it away this entry shows how the town has grown since the last entry starting, usually, with the overview of what it currently looks like.

No, as you probably can't see because I took the overview form so far out, there has been a bit of growth around the town in various places so, choosing one at random, lets jump in and take a closer look.


So, starting with the towns growing and developing commercial strip (OK, so it wasn't that random, this is pretty much what you'd see first of all when you enter the town). As you can see there's a lot more concrete and parking now than there used to be. There's also a number of very sound financial and commercial decisions based on the amount of duplicate businesses in this small area. That's Rokton for you.

Moving onto more concrete we have the expansion to the numerous warehouses and workshops that line the shore of the bay. The lovely high tech coal power plant can be seen in the background as well. One of the towns most expensive projects so far can see seen here in the form of the sea wall, implemented after one stormy day when several cars and a warehouse fell into the sea. (These, I found, are also quite annoying to implement in game but there we go. I got there in the end)

Moving back into the town we have the relatively huge Old Pine Park (relative to the town anyway). Old Rokton's attempts at placating the town folk not to happy with the concrete strip in the centre of town. It's not used all that much at the moment and I'm pretty sure its not safe at night but at least its green.

Speaking of which, we do have another area of green and trees though strolling through them might be a whole lot more dangerous as there's a tendency to be a lot of chainsaws in the area. This is Mr Rokton's latest financial venture. Exploiting the areas trees!

So we've one more photo to show you from the city. This one is also in regards to parks and recreation. I present Rock Point. Apparently one of Mr Rokton's favourite parts of town. This however, was presumably before he signed the planning application for the towns sewage outlet as, Rock Point, or as its more commonly known, Sewage Point, isn't exactly the nicest place to be (in fact neither are any of the houses located near Sewage Bay but that's another story).

I'm guessing no ones told Mr Rokton about this fact. Oh well I'll see you next time!

Till then enjoy!


(PS This is still a serious town though ok?!)


Entry 3: A bit of a divide

So, were back in Rokton to day where we've had a few new things happened. Starting at the beginning of the cause of these events because, well, that's a good place to start, we have the mayor of Rokton Mr Henning and is best friend and deputy Mr Danton.
Anyway these two were normally the best of friends doing everything together (hell they even specifically built semidetached houses next to each other) but recently they had a bit of a falling out over education (or Edumakation as the illiterate residents of Rokton call it) .
Now, despite the fact that most people are apparently scared of Edumakation, Mr Danton was adamant that the town needed some. Mr Henning however was more interested in building anything that might not make people realise that he wasn't that good a Mayor. So, as things escalated quickly, Mr Rokton himself stepped in and told Mr Danton that he could have some land to build a town of his own to prove Mr henning wrong.
So, here we have Danton Bay, ironically enough missing the school as of the moment.

Yer, the residents aren't too happy about that given that they moved there because they agreed with Mr Danton.
Meanwhile, Mr Rokton decided to cement the fact that although the Mayors were allowed to run the towns as they wanted he was still in charge by installing this massive statue of himself at the end of the commercial strip. Money well spent!

So, whilst Mr Henning and Mr Danton were arguing a number of people had a word with Mr Rokton and convinced him to allow them to settle in the woods near his house (to be fair most of these people worked for him so it made sense) which, given how far it is away from the harbour and polluted water would probably mean this is the nicest place to live, still there isn't much to do unless you like trees....

This expansion though, meant that the towns needed more juice than the old power plant could provide at which point I went a bit mad and placed these 4 wind turbines at the end of the peninsula Rokton is built on. Turns out, after building them all, that 1 would have done.............

I was future proofing, honest!
Anyway that was it for this look at the growth in the town along more of the vague and random backstory that I hope is at the very least confusing you, here's a overview as usual to finish with!

So there we have it for entry 3. Feel free to complain, criticise, comments or make vaguely related chit chat until next time!

[So there we go, that's the first three entires so were all up together over here as well. Hope you all enjoy it so far!]

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Rokton (entries 1-3)
« on: Today at 07:04:53 AM »


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SC4D Turns 10 Years Old This Month!!! How will you celebrate?

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