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The NAM (Network Addon Mod)

Network Addon Mod Version 31.2 (June 4, 2013) and Version 32 Pre-Release 1 (December 19, 2013)

13.12.19 (Pre-Release 1 of NAM 32)

See here for more information.

13.06.03 (NAM Version 31.2)

  • Integration of 4GB Patch into installer, further preventing risk of CTDs on newer systems.
  • Maxis Highway Custom Interchanges button re-enabled, after fixing HID re-index issue in RUL0 file.
  • "Sinkhole-to-China" bugs fixed on several RealHighway (RHW) pieces.
  • L2 RHW x RHW OxD Stability improved.
  • Maxis Highway Override/"Project Symphony" Type A ramp is now able to be fully rotated.
  • RHW-10S bridge no longer has issues with missing tiles.
  • DDRHW-4 paths now at proper heights.
  • Maxis Highway Override/"Project Symphony" no longer causes CTDs when dragged under High Speed Rail.
  • Further improvements to RealHighway filler pieces.
  • Maxis Highway Override/"Project Symphony" OxD crossing with Rail Viaducts now facing the correct direction on all tiles.
  • Multiple "rainbow tile" issues fixed.
  • Some files moved from Rail Viaducts to Base Contents, to address issue with "missing tiles" reported by users who did not install the viaducts.
  • Several LHD path fixes for bridges.
  • Under/overpass on starter situations improved for RHW starters.
  • While the expanded RealHighway functionality available in the 31.x-series releases is much more stable in Version 31.2, issues still exist with the L1 and L2 Diagonal RHW-6C, 8C, 8S, and 10S, when crossing over other RealHighways.  The overpass may behave as if it is prevented, or produce inexplicable results.  Due to the complexity of the coding for any sort of crosslinking between two override networks (especially when one is multi-tile and diagonal), solving this issue is a veritable "needle in the haystack" situation, and will take substantial time to correct.  *Support will not be provided for issues involving these overpasses.*
  • The RealHighway FLEXFly system has been planned for some time to undergo spec changes, and as a result, issues with the current FLEXFly system are low priority.
  • Two multi-purpose transit stations by E-N of BriPizza have been added, serving the orthogonal intersections of almost all single-width networks that differ in height by 15m.
  • The NAM Ideal Transit Switches (NITS) have been introduced.  The NITS provide greatly increased efficiency for all combo NAM transit stations (e.g., all stations with subway access and at least one other major network), which results in greater network usage.
  • Controller updated to version r184.
  • Please note that the installer will "seek and destroy" old NAM installations in your Plugins, so there is no need to worry about uninstalling/deleting your old NAM.


NAM for Mac has been discontinued.

As usual, please read the included readme file first, otherwise, things might go wrong. It is highly advised to uninstall your current NAM version, since lots of things have changed. For this, you can either use the uninstall feature, or the included BSC Cleanitol file.

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