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The NAM (Network Addon Mod)

Network Addon Mod Version 34 for Windows (December 25, 2015)

NAM 34 is a full package, which improves upon the earlier NAM 33 release.  Note that the NAM requires a retail copy (disc or digital) of SimCity 4 Deluxe to run. 

Features in NAM 34:

  • The Tram-in-Avenue (TiA), Tram-in-Road (TiR), Tram-on-Road (ToR), and Tram-on-Street (ToS) dual networks are now partially draggable.  To activate the dual networks, click the Elevated Rail tool over Avenue for TiA, the Elevated Rail tool over Road for TiR, the Rail tool for ToR, and the Elevated Rail tool on Street for ToS.
  • Elevated RealHighway (RHW) networks and draggable Elevated Road, One-Way Road, and Avenue Viaducts can now form overpasses over Tram-in-Avenue, Tram-in-Road, Tram-on-Road, and Tram-on-Street dual networks.  Simply drag the crossing network up to the edge of the Tram Dual-Network to form a stub, and begin dragging from stub on the other side of the Tram Dual-Network to continue the network. Some support for networks besides RHWs and the Road Viaducts has also been added, using similar means.
  • RealHighway crossings over Network Widening Mod networks are now vastly more stable.
  • Multi-Radius Curves (MRCs) for the Road network have been added in draggable form, in four different radii (R1-R4).
  • Signalized intersections for One-Way Roads are now possible in the initial phase of the OWR Signalization and Turn Arrow Project (SITAP), complete with turn arrows before the intersection (NOTE: LHD functionality for this feature may still be limited).  These signals cannot automatically appear, due to the game's handling of One-Way Road mechanics, but can be activated by transitioning from One-Way Road to Road just before the intersection.  For intersections between two One-Way Roads, it is necessary to click over the resultant 90-degree Road bend with the One-Way Road tool.  +-intersections and T-intersections between One-Way Roads and Roads, One-Way Roads, Avenues, and +-intersections (no T-intersections) with single-tile Road-based NWM networks (TLA-3, AVE-2, ARD-3, NRD-4) are available.
  • 7 new bridges by eggman121 have been added, including the first-ever NWM bridges for the RD-4 and RD-6 networks, plus a new RHW-4 bridge, and four RealRailway (RRW) bridges.
  • FLEX On-Slope Transitions for the Elevated Road, One-Way Road, and Avenue Viaducts have been improved to support tighter situations, where a network is directly below the elevated end of the transition.
  • Many Elevated RHW base network features now show preview textures.
  • An issue with High Speed Rail crossings over wider ground-level RHW networks has been addressed.
  • An issue preventing the proper override of the ramp interfaces on L1 RHW QuickChanges has been fixed.  Some clickaround may still be necessary to force the overrides to continue.
The NAM Team would like to thank the entire SimCity 4 community for its continued support over the past 11 years, and we hope you enjoy the new NAM 34 release.


As usual, please read the included readme file first, otherwise, things might go wrong.

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All SC4D members can freely PM any Staff member regarding issuing Karma Points to a deserving member on their behalf.

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