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CAM - Colossus Addon Mod / Re: Questions regarding DatPacking
« Last post by Kolossi on Today at 03:14:24 PM »
I swapped the Keaton Plaza building into the updated one you provided. Unfortunately, it was not the cause of the issues, as, in the troublesome city, freezing and CTDs still occur, either by moving the camera, cursor or attempting to save. I tried to remove a couple of ordnance mods I thought could be the culprit, but their removal did nothing.

So, I believe the save file is somehow damaged, how it happened I do not know. There's no specific building that sets it off that I hover over, though Im not sure if simply having a broken building in the city will cause these issues.

Most likely I'll have to start on the path of splitting my plugins folder and going over them, however, I have noticed that smaller, less developed cities do not cause a crash, just the two large tile cities I have, the troublesome city more so than the other, often enough that progress is impossible; in the other I can still do things, but the crash could occur at any time.

I'll try to find the time to start the hunt for the possible broken mod. I'll post results here when/if I find it, if it isn't simply a broken save file. I assume it's safe to remove textures, props and buildings from the plugins folder and then play the city and it wont cause more instability issues, so long as I don't save?
Really good job, it's so detailed!
Show us your... / Re: Show us your...Intersections
« Last post by dyoungyn on Today at 12:04:05 PM »
Here is one that I am just not happy with as need wider elevated ramps.  Note the very short merge area on the RHW 8S.  The adjoining map has a ramp on the edge which leads to this map as RHW 10S.  I needed to lead on this and make this work somehow. 
Show us your... / Re: Show us your...Intersections
« Last post by Seaman on Today at 10:32:21 AM »
Thank you very much, Tarkus. I do like those videos. Strangely, I sometimes think I am better informed about highway construction in some places in the US than in my own backyard  :D.

Anyhow, I cannot see these videos without thinking about inspirations for some NAM projects.

Thx for the info about the "Half Diverging Diamond" usage in the US. I'm surprised as well that we don't see them more often (at all). But at least, as art 128 pointed out, we can see similar setups in Japan.

While we are at it: may I ask wether something came out of the idea to reimplement the DDI and SPUI for the new NAM specs, yet?
CAM - Colossus Addon Mod / Re: Questions regarding DatPacking
« Last post by mgb204 on Today at 08:25:22 AM »
SC4 can use a maximum of 3GB RAM, but yes if you have 16GB in the system, that makes this scenario very unlikely. Note though, in order to allow SC4 brething space, a "4GB Patch" needs to be applied. In essence it's just a flag that tells Windows it can utilise more RAM, but without it performance can be an issue. The NAM installer should patch SC4 for you, but of course if you've re-installed SC4 since, it can get reverted.

I've attached two fixed lots for Keaton Plaza. They replace the original "Grow" and "Plop" DAT files, you just need my two and the original SC4Model file now. Stats are slightly different, but they are in line with Stage 8 CO$$$ stats as calculated by PIM-X. That will resolve any potential issues with the originals. Given it's a 2004 download, we knew a lot less back then and didn't have the tools we have today. So it's always possible such older lots may have issues.

I just want to thank you for all the help, SimCity 4 is one of my favorite games and seeing it not working right is really disheartening. Hopefully I can get it fixed this way, would love to return to it full time. Cities: Skylines is great, but it's not SimCity 4. ;D

Couldn't agree more.
CAM - Colossus Addon Mod / Re: Questions regarding DatPacking
« Last post by Kolossi on Today at 07:42:23 AM »
I removed Keaton Plaza for now, but I still have a back up of it, so I can get it back at any time.

I'll check the CPU/RAM stuff when I boot up the troublesome city. I just find the RAM issue hard to believe, since I have 16 Gigs of it, though since the game is close to 20 years old, I assume it cannot fully use all of it. For CPU, I have the CPU Count:1 on Steam, though I wouldnt be surprised if Windows has somehow overridden this and gone with all four cores, but I will check and see if anything's out of place.

I just want to thank you for all the help, SimCity 4 is one of my favorite games and seeing it not working right is really disheartening. Hopefully I can get it fixed this way, would love to return to it full time. Cities: Skylines is great, but it's not SimCity 4. ;D
East view:

SimCity 4 General Discussion / Re: missing overlay textures
« Last post by mgb204 on Today at 07:32:53 AM »
Having taken a closer look at these textures, I think there is nothing actually missing. It would appear that there are two sets, one for an S-Curve and the other for a 90ฐ WRC:

For the top S-Curve, duplicate and rotate the textures to line everything up. In the case of the 90ฐ curve, you need to mirror and rotate all but the centre texture, to finish off the piece. If you really need FAR textures, I can help you there, since it should be easy enough to create a set using those in the NAM as templates.
CAM - Colossus Addon Mod / Re: Questions regarding DatPacking
« Last post by mgb204 on Today at 07:06:16 AM »
I did notice something strange yesterday when I was Datpacking one particularly large folder, could also be relevant to the crashing issue. The folder contained close to a hundred hidden desktop.ini files. By hidden I mean that when I went to the folders specified by DATPacker, the files weren't there. Furthering the issue was that, before, desktop.ini files were visible, in all previous folders I found them in. I'm assuming the files in question are unneeded clutter and ought to be removed. Im also assuming that, after Datpacking the folder, the desktop.ini files won't be an issue anymore, as the folder now only contains the Datpacked file.

A Desktop.ini file is a file that determines the way a folder is displayed by Windows, i.e. a system file. Delete them all you will, Windows will just recreate them again. They are not harmful, but of course when you DATPack, such folders will no longer be scanned by SC4 on startup.

I also discovered, while DatPacking, a folder of a building that would result in errors with Datpacker, a building called Keaton Plaza. These are the errors I got...

A quick check with DataNode and indeed some of the properties/modding are not quite correct. SC4 should compensate by defaulting to pre-set values in these cases. Whether of not that's likely be a serious problem is hard to say for certain. If you removed this particular folder, you could see if that changes anything. I'll see what I can do about fixing those things up for you.

Lastly, I recalled last night that the crashing only occurred in one large city. The game would chug slowly when playing the city and very prone to freezing, the usual triggers being moving the camera quickly and attempting to save, the latter which triggered a freeze 80% of the time, at least. The game could freeze also just by doing regular city things. Guess the city-save file became corrupted at some point, in one form or another. On couple of occasions, the game froze before I even managed to load the city.

Adding to that, the crashes were almost exclusively freezes, CTDs were very rare, happening only once or twice.

Moving the camera/zooming is very typical of the multi-core issue. It's worth checking that is actually working properly. With the game running, open Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), find the SimCity 4.exe Process, then right click and select "Set Affinity". It should show a new Window where only one of the listed CPU # options is selected. If <All Processors> or multiple CPUs are ticked, then something is not working. It's certainly worth double-checking, since it's easy to get the syntax wrong.

Another possibility, if your system is running low on RAM, that can make things very unstable. It could just be the save file, but in my experience you can have a large city full of content, it will be slow, but it doesn't have to lead to instability. Again whilst Task Manager is open with SC4 running, take note of the Physical Memory percentage, shown on the bottom of the window. If this is anything close to 100%, that may explain your problems.

Perhaps it won't make me popular, but SC4 is not multi-platform. Sure you CAN play it on Linux and a consistently borked Mac version exists. But few of the modding tools, including none of the official ones, ever worked outside of Windows.

True, although I guess the point I'm making is that one very appealing feature of the very nature of the solution we're looking at — i.e. Blender rendering + Python scripting — is that it IS cross-platform, and it'd be a shame to then tie it back to gmax if it transpired that doing so wasn't necessary. You're correct that the modding tools have never worked outside of Windows — believe me, I've tried 'til I was blue in the face to try to get PIM-X to work in Wine — but I wouldn't entirely discount the Mac and Linux community as far as playing the game goes. And anyway, BATing is a quite separate enterprise; as with any modding activity, there are some people who enjoy it more than the game itself. Ultimately, for the long-term health of the community, we should be trying to extend the capability to create content to SC4 as widely as possible.

Anyway, I think we're basically saying the same thing — that the priority should be getting an equivalent to Bat4Max working in Blender, and that if as a result cross-platform compatibility is maintained, that is, as you say, ultimately a fringe benefit. But I don't think cross-platform compatibility should be thrown out unnecessarily, either, so if we can find an alternative to tying the whole thing back to LOD rendering in gmax, we should.
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