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SM2 Old Texaco Station by Simmer2
SM2 Old Texaco Station category
SM2 Old Coal Tower Spur by Simmer2
SM2 Old Coal Tower Spur category
SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops by Simmer2
SM2 Steampunk Bus Stops category
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@Gtaman This set WAS originally made by SG, callagrafx remastered and released a better textured set. Since there are a lot more pieces available with the remastered set I based my lot on the more popular one. Open Xpim or LE and just replace the canal pieces with the ones you wish. It's simple.
Tyberius06 posted on SM2 Prop Pack Vol11
Thanks, Nick! It will be awesome to work with! :)
would it be possible to make it with sg canal?
AsimPika3172 posted on SM2 Prop Pack Vol11
More PROPS more fun! Oh yeah! Keep moving forward!!!
omgitskosc posted on SM2 Prop Pack Vol11
wonderful! i greatly look forward to playing around with the dilapidated stuff :D