SC4D Advent December 2015
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SM2 Water Towers by Simmer2
SM2 Water Towers category
SM2 Mobile Power Generator by Simmer2
SM2 Mobile Power Generator category
1001 6th Avenue by Schriefer
1001 6th Avenue category
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Tarkus on 2015/07/16 20:49:18
Important Reminder: Any mention of piracy in LEX comments will result in suspension of download privileges, in accordance to Site Rules #8 and #10.
Tarkus on 2015/01/26 18:20:39
IMPORTANT REMINDER: Any user who uses inappropriate language in LEX comments--including on locked files--may lose download privileges. The same is true of users with inappropriate usernames. This is in compliance with Site Rule #1: Coarse, vulgar and hateful language is not permitted, including "masked swearing", acronyms with expletive components, and slurs. Words edited by the forum's automatic censor may be treated as violations of this rule. This applies not only to posts and topics, but usernames, signatures, and any other part of a member's profile.
Tarkus on 2015/01/06 22:40:26
Reminder to new uploaders: It has long been a standard policy across the SC4 community that the upload of pre-rendered/pre-built SC4 regions is NOT permitted. That includes SC4D's LEX. If you upload any region in a format other than the acceptable formats (.SC4M or JPEG--.SC4M is vastly preferred), it will be LOCKED AND/OR DELETED ON SIGHT. If you have questions on .SC4M format, visit the SC4Mapper board on the forums (under the Tools section). Repeat offenders will be subject to sanctions of their membership, including (but not limited to) possible loss of exchange privileges. -Tarkus, SC4D Admin
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panartur posted on Colossus Addon Mod (Windows)
Doesn't work on my client( I don' know why... SC4 Rush Hour
panartur posted on Colossus Addon Mod (Windows)
as a mod working with Russified version of the game?
Lot Download Locked by Administrator
-nick56450- posted on Allianz Arena dmscopio
My mistake on the missing dependency... I was really tired that night. Great work! B)