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Creator: Swamper77 Upload Date: 2007-07-15
Last Update: 2009-03-25 File Type: Gameplay
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Updated 3/24/09 to fix an issue with "twisted" train cars

This is the Regional Runner Train Set that Kenworth of the SFBT and I have been working on together. He created the original GMAX models and had requests to turn it into automata. I stepped forward and offered to do so. These are the automata versions of his train engines and cars.
This download contains the Regional Runner Train Set and two other trains: a BR143 passenger engine and a DR243 freight engine.
A complete Readme is included, and it is recommended that you read it before installing the files!


Isschei Are these addon or replacment 2016‑04‑16
Nyraion Just what i needed for my European city! Also theses things run on tracks where i live to :D 2015‑01‑30
nightshadow666 Great! Thank you for travelling with Deutsche Bahn ;-) 2014‑06‑23
grstudios Looks like Bombardier Double Deck Coach, painted red like at Israel Railways 2011‑11‑23
pochi333 Great mod! But I have a question: is there a way to modify the models textures, in other words, re-skin the models? 2010‑12‑28
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009‑12‑26
funny guy329 Epic 2009‑07‑16
funny guy329 Nice! 2009‑07‑16
EraZor Best train mod ever. Thanks 2008‑04‑29
bblubb Excellent replicas of the originals. I use them every day... 2007‑09‑21
royal Thank you swamper :) 2007‑08‑24
Swamper77 8/8/2007: Train Set has been updated to fix the skin on the Second Class Car for the Regional Runner Train Set. 2007‑08‑08
snorrelli Great work, Swamper. Thanks! 2007‑07‑15
Silur Excellent ! 2007‑07‑15
High5Tower Its nice to get some new rolling stock on the rails. Thank you 2007‑07‑15
PG100PG Great work! They look exactly like the trains im my area 2007‑07‑15
Meastro444 awesome! 2007‑07‑15