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Introducing the BSC Cleanitol TM...A simple yet elegant solution for cleaning up duplicate dependencies. No more hunting through megabytes of packs looking for out of date files. The BSC Cleanitol TM works by relocating redundant files into a backup location away from your plugins folder. It will also move JPG, TXT and HTML files that have been placed into the plugins folder by manual installations.

When a new BSC megapack is released, a separate file is included that tells BSC Cleanitol TM which files the Megapack replaces and moves the corresponding files to a safe, backup location. No more searching your plugins for that elusive pack...Let the BSC do the work for you! With full reporting on files moved and their location, you can just click and relax.

Thx to all the BSC team and PCG who helped me building this tool

Readme and user guide by xxdita => here
Support thread => here

UPDATED 02/26/07

Change for accomodating url at PEGASUS
More convenient error messages

UPDATED 03/01/07

Fix for folders containing [ and ] characters
UPDATED 04/18/07

Updated with multilangual features
You can now select between English, German and French.
Just select your language.langand rename it as current.lang

UPDATED 06/04/07

Fix a bug that occurs when using the latest NAM cleanitol file

UPDATED 06/21/07

Fix a bug that occurs when using the latest CAM cleanitol file

UPDATED 12/19/07

Fix the bug when using cleanitol from an other folder
UPDATED 03/03/13

The Cleanitol version used in the NAM installer- It is also much more faster
UPDATED 03/10/13

Fix a bug with dependancies finder


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