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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007/07/10
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 75 Category: CAM Commercial Services
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This building was made by Antoine of TSC and uploaded as landmark lots with and without jobs. Antoine agreed that the growable would be held until the CAM was released and here is the lot ready for CAM.
1 place ville marie
CAM Essentials


Stanboerds Très jolie , je vous le conseil ! 2017/04/20
Disasterjunkie BC everyone love CS buildings. 2014/07/08
GTA ANDERS fantastic! 2014/03/18
376507243 thanks for sharing 2010/02/04
seven_sins looks good 2008/12/15
Lilojame Thank you! 2008/12/10
skateboy1221 how come theres a brown box(plz reply) 2008/09/18
melphini I cannot read English so much. However, I want to tell this gratitude. 2007/08/07
gautie53 Thank you very much for sharing your work. It looks stunning 2007/07/25
Antoine Thank you it's a good job barbyw ! 2007/07/11