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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2007/07/09
Last Update: 2007/07/22 File Type: Growable
Views: 1031 Category: CAM Residential
Last Downloaded: 2018/04/23 Downloads: 2890


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Please note that the stage growth for the R$$ Atricia Plaza is incorrect. I have uploaded a patch for this which should be installed after this pack.
The zip file contains 11 further zips which together cover residentials for R$ to R$$$ in levels from 8 to 15. Each individual zip contains the installer for up to 6 lots and a loose Readme with details of the lots and a linked dependency list. The total number of lots is 61.


Tarkus Jake1702: This pack was from the early days of the CAM (nearly 11 years ago!), when there weren't a lot of CAM-ready custom buildings floating around, and community politics at the time (late 2006 into 2007 was the worst) kind of created the messy dependency situation with these "starter packs" (which aren't actually necessary to use the CAM, as the mod includes modified Maxis lots and can actually work right out of the box). I advise players who are looking for custom buildings to use with the CAM to instead look at other options available here on the LEX, with a much more modest list--some of my picks are listed here: https://simtarkus.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/building-up-a-plugins-folder-of-camelots-the-quick-and-legitimate-way/ 2018/02/01
Jake1702 I'd say it's good but GOOD GRACIOUS ON THE DEPENDENCIES! It took around 45 minutes to get everything installed before I even installed this itself! 2018/01/31
nekomaster Its always nice to have more stuff to grow in SimCity. While it does suck this requires a bunch of dependencies at least once you have them you pretty much cover a vast amount of other mods that require dependencies. Eventually you get to a point where you can download just about anything and not worry or even think about downloading dependencies (unless you get brown boxes in game) 2017/11/09
artemiswillow808@gmail.com It seems like the dependencies also need dependencies. Dependencyception. 2017/06/21
Tarkus Thanks, chitown172--I've just added it. 2017/02/08
chitown172 Both of the readme's for ROYALE and EMPERADOR have it in their essentials list but the dependency tracker seems to have left it out. 2017/02/08
chitown172 The dependency checker is missing BSC Mega props Cobb vol 3. I think that's the problem. http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=691 2017/02/08
claytonbenz23 I love this mod but I have downloaded all the dependencies and still get brown boxes (royale and cobb emperador)?? 2016/09/21
Windfarmer Great, but sooooo maannnnyyyy deepepepepnnndennnciess. 2016/05/07
wes4 hi wolf you can see the name of that building or brown boxes and search by name in google for get this props with dependencies 2016/02/14
Wolf777712 I have downloaded all the dependencys needed to use this pack but for some reason i am still getting some brown boxes. :( 2016/01/08
nekomaster Yeah theres quite a bit of dependencies, but if you download a lot of mods from SimTropolis and SC4Devotion/LEX, you'll most likely have most of the dependencies needed for stuff like this. 2015/12/23
lucasfg3 MayorOfKinibalu: You need all the dependencies in order to make this package work flawless. Otherwise you'll get brown boxes, missing props and other problems 2015/11/07
MayorOfKinibalu Thank you very much What the different before using the dependences or not ? 2015/11/05
Tarkus carlofal: I've deleted your comment for language. Expletives are not allowed in LEX comments. If you're looking for a better CAM experience, there's tons of official stuff besides these starter packs. I have a post at my blog (http://simtarkus.wordpress.com) that may be up your alley. 2015/10/01
MrMeteHergul should all the dependencies (i downloaded the texture packs) be downloaded not to have brown boxes in your city? 2015/09/15
Disasterjunkie Thank you Jataro, I have to redownlad everything bc I had both my laptop and external hard drive stolen from my dormitories in school. so much info.... it will take me days. 2014/09/04
Jataro For anyone complaining about dependencies, look here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=2039.0 It lists all known CAMelots and their Model (BAT) dependencies. The tables are divided by RCI and wealth ($/$$/$$$) or tech level (D M H) in the case of industrial. You'll need to go down the list and download every dependency pack associated with the CAMelot title "CAM BSC Residential". After that, go here: http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?topic=1890.0 and download all the texture packs. And finally run the Cleanitol files to get rid of redundant files. Yes, it is a lot of work, but much easier than chasing the downloads through the seemingly endless readme lists. And for everyone complaining about installers, just use google chrome and install directly from the WINRAR window: no need to extract! 2014/09/03
kandi17 ShadetheWolf - I wouldn't worry...and may I ask how they pick up on this? I have the same anti-virus and it didn't show on me.... 2014/08/05
BaaderPuff Heres a link for the Atricia Plaza patch: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1441 2014/07/09
Disasterjunkie wow.... I just found out about CAM. can I use it with NAM? or I'm still a noob and I don't know what the blip I'm talking about. 2014/07/07
ShadetheWolf The installers for the residential files are apparently malware according to MBAM. Should I be worried? 2014/06/29
interoceter Dependency Hell, if you're starting with a clean install, but worth it. It took me an hour, maybe two to install all of the dependencies, but once you move on to the commercial and industrial CAM packages, you'll find that most of those dependencies overlap with these. It will take much less time to get those set up. The CAM content is well worth it. It's unfortunate that some of these dependencies can't be bundled, but if I lost everything and had to start over, I'd still install these. I managed to track everything down with no brown boxes so far. 2014/03/25
LegoManilaShow 2013 UGH! that dependencies. is TOO MANY! i had all of the dependencies. but there's some buildings had brown boxes, missing textures, or missing props! you can just put the dependencies in ONE FILE! 2014/02/08
Tarkus JohnnyBravo: There's no snobbery involved here. The purpose of this pack is to offer CAMeLot versions of buildings that were released 6+ years ago--you need those buildings in order for it to operate, thus, the dependencies. Some users allowed the CAM's creators to repackage their stuff into larger prop packs here on the LEX, but due to some community politics when the CAM was released, there were a few that didn't grant that permission. Had your suggestion been followed when this pack was created, the site would be in some serious hot water--we'd be bootlegging. It's also worth noting that most of the people of that ilk to which you refer are novice users, and most of them are haphazard dumpster fires, with files improperly installed, and missing bugfixes. As far as the installers go, the game's Plugins folder has a load order, and the proper functionality of any package of at least moderate complexity requires things be installed to the correct places. That's why those are there. Yes, it's a lot of clicking, but it cuts down on tech support situations caused by improper installation. What I'd actually advise to anyone who balks at the dependency list here--skip this download and go find other CAMeLots. The CAM's been around for 6 years, and there's lots of other CAMeLots around the LEX, which require much less downloading. Try out the SimGoober packs, Cerulean, tag_one, etc. 2013/12/14
JohnnyBravo Also installation applications DONOT save time, if it were all files i could copy and paste everything, BUT NO i have to frikin click through what seems like 100 installation applications!! 2013/11/21
JohnnyBravo I noticed bootleggers have torrents with all of cams dependencies. ALL IN ONE DOWNLOAD. Seriously how snobbish do you have to be to make 100s of people go through this??????? 2013/11/21
JohnnyBravo Too many dependencies, why cant it just all be amalgamated into one download, 3hours so far installing so many files. 2013/11/21
bluedragyn1 The dependencies are not that bad for those who are downloading other content that also use them, and odds are most of us are doing that. In short you might actually have that dependency already. 2013/10/16
trabman11 WAY TOO MANY DEPENDENCIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013/10/12
rirosel good but too much dependencies 2013/09/01
IDiO The worst download for ever. Not just for Sim City, but for any game in history. If I knew that I would be in for 2 hours worth of clicking just to get this thing installed, I'd never start. Whoever made this is insane... 2013/07/29
bardya_oracle Thank you... 2013/03/10
jumy patch link: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1441 2013/01/25
Sethouse123 I only install the ones with the FEWEST dependencies 2012/12/15
Sethouse123 Great Mod, but the dependencies are cramming my computer. Sometimes, the dependency is missing like for example, for the set 6 R$$$ stage 8 and 9 lots, Seaview Tower gets brown boxes even though i got ALL DEPENDENCIES. I checked, double checked, triple checked, and I got oll of them, but still brown boxes 2012/12/15
Runningham Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Dependency hell! Nightmare! No braincells were used for caring for ease of download use by those without degrees in IT or 10 years experience in our mother's basement. Crap. Crap. Crap. Sort it out! 2012/12/09
b30765 a 2012/11/20
P3CTankman Im fine with finding the dependencies. My main problem is that I have no clue what to install. There are tons of errors in the readmes (Which im weeding out into a mega dependency list) but theres also the problem with the dependencies for the dependencies. Some say to install those and others say not to. Some clarification would be nice >_> 2012/10/24
dingo244 I don't mind dependencies, but the ones from SimTrop are terribly difficult to find, the links are broken and you wind up searching and hoping to find the right one. This makes it very difficult, the search function is not really usable and for one of them (i've been downloading for over an hour and still have a lot more to go) I had to search at least seven times guessing as to what the actual name would be. Free is only valuable if it doesn't cost the user, and time is still a valuable item I believe. Please remember this. 2012/10/23
badpat Thanks alot for this awesome pack. Everyone complaining about not getting one big pack shut be quiet, it's all FOR FREE, remember? You don't have to download it, and don't you think all the BATers out there spend even more time actually making this stuff? Play Vanilla, that's what u paid for... and then start complaining! 2012/09/30
Floyo111 Are there no other options for the way dependencies are being presented? Just for the Residentials, I already am working (!) for 2 hours. That's to much, mates. I want to play with them, not to spent my entire holiday on searching dependencies? What good are they? Please, I beg you to just put ALL of them in one huge file. It will speed the game, the downloading, and will bring more people to this site. 2012/07/22
xxdawg R$$$ Stage 11 AndoverTower builds in my city but the lot shows a gray box with green sign....not sure what I need to reload to fix....any ideas? 2012/06/13
traun i must agree with an earlier post about the amount of dependencies. the post was mean spirited but true. i am new to this and all ready i quit. this is not fun. it is work. extreamly confusing. i found another site where most of the lots do not require dependencies. my hats off to you developers for your hard work however. i might suggest including the nessessary files in the zip and including a list of the contributers. again i quit. im sure many others have also. 2012/04/09
jose78941 thank you very much 2012/04/04
Cobhris96 As great as this pack looks, I don't have the time to go through the dependency lists for 61 lots. I understand that modders want to protect their work, but forcing people to spend hours digging up dependencies just frustrates everyone and encourages more bootleg CC torrents to be put on alternative sites. For packs like this it would be best to just have ONE list to avoid duplication and as much consolidation of each creator's content as possible. 2012/03/24
ZenMo Atricia Plaza Patch at http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1441 2012/03/13
TonyNobo like this very much! 2012/02/26
apesfiu thanks 2012/02/08
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011/12/01
Topgun232 Too many dependencies, PLEASE put them all in one massive pack. I don't care if it takes half a day to download. 2011/10/19
themaroonday is there a cleanitol file? 2011/10/14
jled323 I agree with Simcityman1967, dependancies are ridiculous. It makes downloading mods far too long winded. There should be one massive pack. 2011/07/17
simuser22 @ Simcityman1967 I agree, I went out and downloaded a premade pack with all the lots and dependencies. (even then I still have a brown box or two :/) 2011/05/22
jplanda13 Wow, increble, muchas gracias de los edificios, lastima de la enorme lista de dependencias 2011/05/02
wangbiliao thank 2011/03/27
paraco19 excelent 2011/03/22
geindoll thank you very much! 2011/03/22
deeje lol... thanks dude 2011/03/15
Lahm Thanks a lot! 2011/03/07
manong thank you 2011/02/28
Simcityman1967 For as much as you people think your making the game better, your not. Your make this game a nightmare. None of these sites have taken into consideration that all these dependancy "BS" would be a huge problem for the avg. user. Personally I rather you idiots just put "ALL" textures in one big huge pack for us to download. Same with props and so on. The file would be to big you say, I say BS. Again your not thinking. We going to have to download 85+% of them anyways. By having one big file, we the players could have everything we need and just concentrat on downloaling the buildings we want. Think before you make anymore desisions. 2011/01/29
mayor rully thank you.. :) 2011/01/17
Pokiyoka This is a great idea! I'm downlowding it ! 2010/12/30
diamonddog_74 So where is the Atricia Plaza patch? There's no link. 2010/10/29
jaykk128 Sick of downlading dependincies. 2010/09/17
rejhaaja like this,thanks 2010/09/15
lotherius Another pack RUINED by dependency chain NIGHTMARE. 2010/09/02
yaz thanks,good work 2010/08/23
Tristinho Holy $hit ton of Dependencies Batman!! 2010/05/21
Panda_Power This is an amazing collection and looks so great...thank you!! 2010/05/05
kongtonglove Very nice~~ 2010/01/01
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009/12/26
caka Obrigado Garoto!!! 2009/12/25
rdrdrdrd it would be help full to have them all in one folder, as navigating multiple zips does nothing but annoy people, also it would help to have a master dependancey list 2009/12/13
Floyo111 Thanks! But, wich mods I need for the props? I get that hugely f**** boxes! 2009/08/02
Rebs07 I love these cam downloads, they make my city so diversivied. Thank you very much. 2009/06/09
iPodnano2 Nice : ) 2009/05/26
ratin i hope its go run! 2009/04/28
BrnoutJerzey :/ the files don't work, I can't install 2009/04/14
Sky_walker Agreed... dependencies are waaayyyy too huge for that :( 2009/04/08
MANIACAVE Thank you 2008/12/10
Lilojame Wonderful! Thank you very much for sharing! 2008/10/30
Lathen Maybe you should call this "CAM residential super mega awesome pack..." Thank you! 2008/10/14
Jawzz Thank you so much man! but a lot of dependencies... well it will take a bit of time to get all of them, but its worth it! 2008/09/29
skateboy1221 the problem is that the brown box is the problem 2008/09/26
lotherius unfortunately I'm getting missing props with ALL dependencies listed in the readme. I have missing props on the SeaView Tower. 2008/09/07
feelingshehides Thanks 2008/08/06
dharock wow thanks...very usefull =) 2008/07/11
Shockwave Right now I dowloaded, but I think this is amazing..thank's 2008/05/13
hw3802 2007/11/13
Mr_Doolan So exciting! 2007/10/28
xxdita CAM has made this a totally new game for me. Thank you so much! 2007/10/23
oddball59 This is awesome! Thank you! 2007/08/17
Hydra Great work here. 2007/08/01
patfirefghtr ty 2007/08/01
Artman94 wow i like this 2007/07/10
bixel ooOoooOoooOOoo! 2007/07/09
KyNYC You ROCK!!! 2007/07/09
shinkansen1 Yes!! Finally, taller residential buildings!! 2007/07/09