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Compatibility - Sc4Terrafomer only works with Rush Hour and the Deluxe Edition. Only for WinXP

DirectX - Microsoft directx team releases a new version about every two months so you should be sure you have the latest version. At the moment you need the april 2006 version of directx 9.0c

You can download directx from the following locations: http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/directx.html

By downloading DX, you will have an exe in your HD, run it, it will ask you for a destination folder, enter c:\dx You will need to run the DXSetup.exe from c:\dx

MSCVP71.DLL - Some users may need this file. ( in case of error at startup ) It can be found here:

This is an external program and does not change anything within simcity.

Please note you use this program on your own risk, you should make a backup of your region and read the included readme.html

unzip in a new folder keeping the folder structure, and run SC4Terraformer.exe

This is not the same version as the one which can be find at Mods&Downloads at ST, but it is the same as the one which can be found in the SC4TF Development thread at ST


  • Compressor tool, that will allow you to stretch/shrink the elevation of the whole region ( credit to beskhu3epnm )
    • when the dialog shows up, the min and max value of the actual terrain are shown in the edit box
    • enter your new numbers ( min < max )
    • if you leave the 'unchanged value' to 0 then the full range will be mapped to the new one using the same scaling factor
    • if you use another value ( should be between min & max ) the [min-pivot] will be map to [newmin-pivot] and [pivot-max] will be map to [ pivot-newmax]
    • this create some nice feature if you want to scale only above water terran ( enter 250 in the 'unchanged value, leave the min, just change your max )
  • New vertex shader that will display contour lines, only work for those who have a Vertex Shader 1.1 compatible GFX card
  • RGB colored scheme import/export ( credit to Moganite )
  • A raise & lower zone tool in Brush tools ( credit to JPlumbley )
  • Removed the water level dialog and tool
  • Generic exception handling in case of error while loading a region ( mainly RAM issues )
  • Windows positionning persitent accross multiple runs
  • SC4M file format enhanced to incorporate the config.bmp and html notes from the author
  • Create region dialog can now accept a new SC4M instead of the width by height values
  • On creation or import of a SC4M , the author notes are displayed
  • Bug fixes with readonly/only save modified related issues
  • On import, the min height values has been removed ( useless )
  • Supporting .TER file format importing
  • Sliders of min/max height inverted
  • Readonly files has been handled
  • Only saving modifying cities


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