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Compatibility - Sc4Terrafomer only works with Rush Hour and the Deluxe Edition. Only for WinXP

DirectX - Microsoft directx team releases a new version about every two months so you should be sure you have the latest version. At the moment you need the april 2006 version of directx 9.0c

You can download directx from the following locations: http://www.softwarepatch.com/windows/directx.html

By downloading DX, you will have an exe in your HD, run it, it will ask you for a destination folder, enter c:\dx You will need to run the DXSetup.exe from c:\dx

MSCVP71.DLL - Some users may need this file. ( in case of error at startup ) It can be found here:

This is an external program and does not change anything within simcity.

Please note you use this program on your own risk, you should make a backup of your region and read the included readme.html

unzip in a new folder keeping the folder structure, and run SC4Terraformer.exe

This is not the same version as the one which can be find at Mods&Downloads at ST, but it is the same as the one which can be found in the SC4TF Development thread at ST


  • Compressor tool, that will allow you to stretch/shrink the elevation of the whole region ( credit to beskhu3epnm )
    • when the dialog shows up, the min and max value of the actual terrain are shown in the edit box
    • enter your new numbers ( min < max )
    • if you leave the 'unchanged value' to 0 then the full range will be mapped to the new one using the same scaling factor
    • if you use another value ( should be between min & max ) the [min-pivot] will be map to [newmin-pivot] and [pivot-max] will be map to [ pivot-newmax]
    • this create some nice feature if you want to scale only above water terran ( enter 250 in the 'unchanged value, leave the min, just change your max )
  • New vertex shader that will display contour lines, only work for those who have a Vertex Shader 1.1 compatible GFX card
  • RGB colored scheme import/export ( credit to Moganite )
  • A raise & lower zone tool in Brush tools ( credit to JPlumbley )
  • Removed the water level dialog and tool
  • Generic exception handling in case of error while loading a region ( mainly RAM issues )
  • Windows positionning persitent accross multiple runs
  • SC4M file format enhanced to incorporate the config.bmp and html notes from the author
  • Create region dialog can now accept a new SC4M instead of the width by height values
  • On creation or import of a SC4M , the author notes are displayed
  • Bug fixes with readonly/only save modified related issues
  • On import, the min height values has been removed ( useless )
  • Supporting .TER file format importing
  • Sliders of min/max height inverted
  • Readonly files has been handled
  • Only saving modifying cities


Tarkus MuricanTauri1776: Library.zip isn't supposed to extract. The program pulls the files out of the archive as needed. 2016/05/16
MuricanTauri1776 Library.zip will not extract 2016/05/16
pixelrage An update: apologies - it does work with Windows 10 :) I got it to work by first creating a city with SC4 Mapper, then opening with Terraformer. This is the only way that it seems to work for me. Great program - I just wish we could resize the extremely small window... 2016/03/21
pixelrage This doesn't work at all...as in, it doesn't even install. When you doubleclick the icon to start the program, it asks you to choose a directory (for what??) and then after that, it disappears and nothing happens. I'm not sure if this doesn't work with Windows 10 or what, but the point is, it doesn't work.... 2016/03/18
herbc101 i also have windows 10. HELP PLEASE !!!! 2015/11/10
mizzum727 ok i have windows 10 how do i download this????? 2015/09/28
cmdp123789 Alright! I found a solution for everybody using Windows 8 or 8.1. Follow the instructions: 1) Download the DLL needed, GdiPlus.dll and msvcp71.dll 2) Run the DirectX. It is important to do this as the program needs it. (download from windows site, directx feb 2010) 3) Once you have the Directx and the 2 dll files, simply copy both files into the terraformer folder. (it is important that you actually place the files straight into the folder, not within a folder inside the terraformer folder. So again, make sure the 2 dll files are visible, not inside a folder with the same name. 4) Right click on the app and go to compatibility, and select windows xp, usually you have 2 options, I selected service pack 2. 5) I patched it with the 4gb from the NAM, thats optional =) 6) Run the program! Hope it helps people get this thing running =) 2015/07/25
torment I found a way around it so the program works just fine now. As far as Norton, I've used Norton for years now and not once have I gotten a virus. This was the first download that I have ever received a false alarm on. I say false because when I would do a virus scan it would say no threat but when I would try to run it, it said the file had a bad reputation and then remove the program. Don't like Norton? That's your prerogative, I couldn't care less about your issues with Norton, But thanks for the useless info. 2015/07/24
joshua43214 @torment The solution is not to use Norton - it sucks. Get rid of Norton, be happy :) For all others getting virus warnings, you are getting a false positive. 2015/07/23
torment Every time I try to extract the download Norton says its a security threat and removes it. Any suggestions? 2015/07/22
Tarkus Kassem: You're not supposed to extract library.zip. The program is designed to run with it zipped up. 2015/06/12
Kassem I can't Extract library.zip... I tried it failed with windows 8.1 2015/06/11
Tarkus nscaler: There is no piggybacked virus. You're getting a false alarm, or there is some other security issue on your system that is unrelated. I have just verified with my own copy of Norton Internet Security (updated 8 minutes ago) that the file is clean. 2015/05/16
nscaler Virus piggybacked http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2010-051308-1854-99&vid=4294919973&product=Norton%20Security&version={B0B39A30-B2AA-44F4-9BD4-5F0453DF9AF6}&partnerid=1000670&lic_type=512&lic_attr=16928786&psn=HKFFBFMYVHQF&puid=5429&osvers=6.3&oslocale=iso:USA&oslang=iso:ENG&os=windows 2015/05/16
zaydanmc If get crash message, extract library.zip, with this, will work fine 2014/12/01
zaydanmc @MOREOPTIONS I same too 2014/12/01
MOREOPTIONS i FOLLOW EVERY STEP i COULD SEE IN THE INSTALLING. It opens to ask for a folder. after selecting folder. it vanished back to the desktop. mayday mayday. what have I over looked. Using Vista Ultimate SP1. have the latest Direct X. had even the shown DLL's .. what's the trick???? ANYONE 2014/10/06
emanuelfranco0390 omg after 3 fu***ng years i do make this run in windows 7 2014/08/05
bluegator4 Thank you for all your hard work on this! The key to getting it to work for me in Win 7 was to put the "msvcr71.dll" into the "SC4TFV11" rather than in 'System32'. I recently "re-discovered" SC 4 after years of neglect, and SC4TF has added a whole new level of coolness to it. Cheers! 2014/06/22
Wodong Love it, a long overdue thanks for bringing this out for the rest of us to play with. Terraforming is so much fun. There is one issue with closing the program, but I'm going to give the details in the subforum. It's probably not major, but maybe worth knowing about. 2014/03/27
tourist585 where can I find global tools???!!! 2014/01/22
rcurtis Broken tool; "ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading tools3D.pyd". On Windows 8.1 x64, not going to bother trying to fix this one. 2013/12/07
pferland I get a divide by zero error when run on Windows 8.1 x64 Traceback (most recent call last): File "SC4TerraformerApp.pyo", line 2369, in OnClose File "SC4TerraformerApp.pyo", line 2372, in ShowMain File "SC4TerraformerApp.pyo", line 624, in __init__ File "DlgCities.pyo", line 206, in __init__ File "DlgCities.pyo", line 310, in RebuildConfig ZeroDivisionError: float division 2013/11/30
eire-pilipinas I can't run this on Windows 8.1. Can you fix this? 2013/11/02
Flatron Edit: now it works! 2013/04/06
Flatron I have the same problem. I would really like to use it, but it doesn't work. Even if I make a batch file like it was possible for the old version of the mapper. 2013/04/06
Zolarius There is a problem with the program. It won't work and the Library zip files reports back as corrupt. Could you please look into this issue. Thanks 2013/03/30
bardya_oracle Thank you. 2013/03/10
soulbooth How can I download this?? I am a registered member but can't find the download link. 2013/02/19
xGreg8 ModyMentos thanks for the info. Worked like a charm! 2013/01/20
ModyMentos If you want to get it working on Windows Vista, 7 or 8, try using this guide: http://pastie.org/private/xkvstsfcpscx8ayvlw but put the dll in this folder: C:\windows\SysWOW64 Sory for my english i want to help 2013/01/20
cswj999 I just get the splash and it doesn't open. 2012/12/22
Sim5810 Can it work if the compatibility mode is in Win XP SP? 2012/12/15
Phunkadelic77 I recently reinstalled SC4 after a taking a long hiatus from the game - I used to actually hate SC4, but now with all that's available on the BSC and STEX, etc - I've found a new way to enjoy it! I am impressed with the quality of a lot of the stuff I find here and furthermore, I am inspired by the pure creative genius I see at work when I implement something like the SC4 Terraformer or SC4 Mapper tools. Thanks so much guys! 2012/12/11
jaredtreasurehodge If the program doesn't work with Windows 7, run the program in compatibility mode. 2012/12/01
samerton If you want to get it working on Windows Vista, 7 or 8, try using this guide: http://pastie.org/private/xkvstsfcpscx8ayvlw 2012/11/09
AndersL Does not work with Windows 7... 2012/10/31
rajpoot thanksS 2012/10/30
Ravana Are you kidding me? This only works with DX9 and no higher versions? Why are all the mapper utilities completely archaic and counter-intuitive? This is painful to watch, it really is. 2012/10/21
Ravana "Only for WinXP" Heeeere we go... 2012/10/21
savit thanks 2012/10/06
daltro12 For Vista/7 users, use the DirectX SDK, works fine!! 2012/09/07
jevon123 Didn't work on Windows 7 at all. File "DlgCities.pyo", line 310, in RebuildConfig: ZeroDivisionError: float division. 2012/08/28
TonyNobo thanks 2012/08/17
Panther559 Even tried WinXP Compatibility Mode, and STILL nothing. 2012/07/22
Panther559 Have Win7 and it's giving me the error message, even tried it with the MSCVP71.DLL, yet still nothing. 2012/07/22
dfnwv I have DirectX 9.0C (June 2010 edition), MSVCP71.dll, And i've even tried XP Compatability mode, It still gives me the pythondll error! If i have no idea to fix this, I am going to bang my head against the wall! 2012/05/30
dfnwv Everytime i try to get this to install, it gives me the pythondll error, I am using Vista 32-bit, Does any know how to fix this? 2012/05/30
Andrew_C It took some effort, but I got this working under Win 7 64 bit. It absolutely requires msvcp71.dll (you can stick it in the SC4T directory) and of course DirectX 9c. Another thing that tripped me up is that very time it starts up you HAVE to choose a region for it to open. You dont have to edit it, you can create a new region and edit it, but you have to choose a region to open, which is annoying 2012/05/12
nekomaster SC4 Terraformer never works for me, even when I had Win XP. I'm using Windows 7 on my main pc and Windows 8 on my netbook, and neither work with this... and why is it still made to work with XP only? XP is getting very old 2012/04/23
vishals730 love it 2012/04/19
SvenBoogie Confusion... if you use 'save image' to save an image of a region, then import that same image back to the program, it completely ***ks up the entire region... um... why... 2012/03/28
torpeniczel Hello I add a little trouble running this on win7, so I did this : read the readme, download the direct x thing and install it in c:\dx, go there, run the exe, run sc4terraformer (compatibility mode) : it works ! Hope this can help. 2012/03/11
Waterstar It works on Vista and 7, put the app on Windows XP compatabilty mode! 2012/02/06
prince_amy sweet 2012/01/31
Frizzon it works fine on win 7 2012/01/07
Zeta. Agafa els patos que be riuaaaa`!!! 2012/01/06
JDOG4546 Would there be a way for this to be compatible with windows 7, or is that completely out of the question? 2011/12/29
SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011/12/01
tarmiji thanks 2011/11/16
Waterstar Odd, this worked on my Win 7 in an older update 2011/09/18
LolloLallo doesn't work on windows 7 64 bit! 2011/09/11
Plan_design_build78 Is there a Mac version for this? If so, where can I get it? Much appreciated. 2011/09/10
Runnerguy347 I keep getting a direct x error, its kinda frustrating 2011/09/08
klambaerk I'm running Vista Home Premium. Downloaded the other Terrain mod first (coz I don't read before I act) and had the problem of not getting past Splash Screen. This one works a charm though. Beautiful Mod mate!!! 2011/05/28
ocket6 im using win7 and it works fine 2011/05/26
Vainakh Thanks for this amazing program, ignore the haters. I use Win7 and I manage to make this work. Use a WinXP shell, get creative. Always a way. 2011/05/24
cfletch13 I get the following error in the log: Traceback (most recent call last): File "SC4Terraformer.py", line 4, in ? File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 78, in load_module File "SC4TerraformerApp.pyo", line 3, in ? File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 91, in load_module ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading tools3D.pyd Any fix? 2011/05/12
aartt It keeps giving an error where it want me to open SC4Terraformer.exe.log and it says "Traceback (most recent call last): File "SC4Terraformer.py", line 1, in ? File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 78, in load_module File "SC4TerraformerApp.pyo", line 3, in ? File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 91, in load_module ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading tools3D.pyd " please help D: 2011/05/11
aartt It keeps giving an error where it want me to open SC4Terraformer.exe.log and it says "Traceback (most recent call last): File "SC4Terraformer.py", line 1, in ? File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 78, in load_module File "SC4TerraformerApp.pyo", line 3, in ? File "zipextimporter.pyo", line 91, in load_module ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading tools3D.pyd " please help D: 2011/05/11
thegiant27 MAN MAN, YOU ARE NOT RIGHT! FOR WINDOWS XP? 2011/03/14
mikedocmll When I press the icon to start up SC4Mapper or SC4Terraformer this is what happens: with SC4Mapper I get the program flash bar and nothing else, it shows up in processes but not in applications if I start the Task Manager, but the program will not open in a screen on the desktop, same with SC4Terraformer, I use Windows 7 64bit, any help would be appreciated! 2011/02/23
michaelg95 Umm.... I just downloaded... seems confusing. Wouanagaine are you able to help me. Please. I dont understand what you said about backing up your region. Is it the region in TF or ALL your SC4 regions? 2011/02/01
IwantSC5 I have no idea how to convert maps, or even use this application..I read the readme :/ Any help? 2011/01/14
Lethal mayor At long last! terraforming that doesnt get you frustrated! Im totally downloading this! Thank you so much wouanagaine! ^_^ 2010/12/13
ocket6 aw i read the description and i have Windows 7 2010/10/22
bean32 i have win7 and because there is no utility (such as this one) that works on my OS, i cannot use .SC4M files 2010/09/20
Gotham I have Vista. The guidelines for the installation of a map says that I have to import the grayscale into the SC4TF. First of all, the only relevant option the program has is "Open Region" and that just searches for folder, not specific files. And can we get a link to the support thread? Because I dont see any. 2010/08/31
Gotham I have Vista. The guidelines for the installation of a map says that I have to import the grayscale into the SC4TF. First of all, the only relevant option the program has is "Open Region" and that just searches for folder, not specific files. And can we get a link to the support thread? Because I dont see any. 2010/08/31
guy Does this work with windows 7? 2010/08/23
cuddlyewok Works a treat - many thanks indeed 2010/08/21
lokex so laggy 2010/08/09
Xperian Tried it on Vista, works fine. 2010/07/24
FlyHigh Sorry. It does work, my bad ;) 2010/06/16
FlyHigh the download of the .dll seems to be broken. Could you please post a new one? 2010/06/16
Exodia the forbidden one brilliant! 2010/06/05
brandbrand32 thanks 2010/04/25
earwaxman Awesome tool :D 2010/03/16
Snitchie Tanks :D Making regions just became better :) 2010/01/24
simcity4mayor I wish this also had Vista and 7 compatibility, but not to take away from the tool itself. It's a great thing. 2010/01/12
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009/12/27
Delecto I feel your pain Wouanagaine, all these disrespectful comments when you spent hours to make this great tool. It works like a charm for me, but of course I'm on XP. Thank you so much! 2009/10/26
johnny2bad73 all we need are the config and the greyscale ...no need for a program to get a region ..i can't use the tool either ....you replace the config ,change greyscale to a jpg, open up box with ctrl+alt+shift+r and upload greyscale jpg to the config and region folder.....why have another program installed ? 2009/10/08
colBoh I have the same problem with Argon Vex. Flat land looks black instead of green. I don't remember it doing this the last time I downloaded. Help! 2009/10/06
richardhekimyan Only think I have ever seen so far that works with XP and not Vista. 2009/04/25
wouanagaine Why don't you post on the support thread is behind my comprehension 2009/04/14
Rouche I've VISTA .... pff 2009/04/13
NikoBellic2334 i don't like your programs anymore 2009/02/20
Argon Vex If I use version 1.1, al my flat land is black instead of green. Same for flat seabed. Slopes appear in the proper color though. Does anyone know what causes this? 2009/01/15
TIR669 Thx ;) 2008/12/20
Hitoz wont work on vista. 2008/12/19
dunball ahhhhh why won't you work keeps coming up with a startup error...little help? 2008/10/10
Maxprizm Nvm, I needed the system .dll file. Great program. 2008/07/27
Maxprizm Downloaded this today, I get the error, ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading tools3D.pyd /shrug 2008/07/27
Paris Got this a while ago, back to say thanks. Anything that speeds up the process between creating a map and being run out of town by a lunch mob has my vote.Great tool, don't know how I played without it for so long. 2008/01/15
Scififan68 I have vista and it worked fine for me. A very useful tool.Thanks 2007/06/03
wouanagaine SpartanB292, I updated the description 2007/04/19
dioangel I understand..my bad 2007/04/18
SpartanB292 Mat i ask how this version is different from the last? I'd like to know before i dl it 2007/04/18
wouanagaine DioAngel, I said in the compatibily that is is WinXP only 2007/04/18
dioangel downloaded the thing along with the directx (yes I have Vista on the new pc) didn't work. 2007/04/17
Serkanner One of the greatest addition for the game ever finally available on the exchange. Thank you very much for creating this fantastic program and sharing it with us all. 2007/04/17
wouanagaine maybe, I've just received a new PC with Vista, so when I 'll have time ( and I don't have for now ) I'll look into this 2007/04/17
toxicpiano The directx 9 version won't work for me, (using vista) is there any chance of a dx10 compatible version? 2007/04/17