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Creator: deadwoods Upload Date: 2007/02/20
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Continuing the revamped BSC Park series, here is a set of wall lots. They feature the brilliant wall props by SWI21 and the equally brilliant rosebush props by SimGoober. They are designed to work with the BSC Park series. There are seven lots in the set:

  • Two park entrances (one to match the narrow paths and one to match the wide paths),
  • Four straight wall pieces (with different combinations of pillars, see below), and
  • A corner wall section

All lots are 1x1 and have the same settings.

The two entrance lots use the custom BSC Park base texture. So you can either use the default base texture shipped with the BSC Parks v2 - Base Set or use on of the other textures found in the BSC Parks vs - Texture Set pack.


Now supports LEX Dependency Tracker.

Ignore the dependencies in the readme.


Salva1914 Fantastic !! Thank you very much 2017/02/06
Disasterjunkie more parks. yes. goodby sc4 standard parks. 2014/07/08
blebell these look like a brilliant addition to the parks series - thank you 2011/09/14
Mawgojzeta I have always meant to thank you for these. I use them all the time. Wonderful! 2011/03/31
sejr99999 thank you these make building parks in game like creating lots with the lot editor but specific to the needs of the city being built 2010/11/06