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Creator: Bombardiere Upload Date: 2017/03/15
Last Update: Never File Type: W2W
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This smallwall-to-wall library is inspired by a real life building, Karl Marx Memorial Library, in Clerkenwell, London. This is no political statement, I just like its Georgian look and it fits into my current playstyle. There are not that many historical libraries for wall-to-wall urban environment, so I decided to create one.

The reallife building is from Georgian era, built around 1769, but has been heavily modified during its life. It has served many functions, including as a shop. During 1980's the building was renovated and the original look was restored. This BAT is based on how facade looks today.

HD modelwith Maxis and Dark Night version. Night versions share IDs, so if you have both versions in the city, those will most likely conflict. It has a custom foundation, so it is slope friendly.

I haveincluded in a 1x1 FAR angle option of the Library building. The FAR model is included in the file and perhaps someone can do a better lotting than I did.

Simmer2 hasbeen helpful with the lotting and he has provided a custom texture for the lots. The texture dat file is included in the download. Thank You Simmer2. The props are mostly HD to go with the HD BAT.


BSC MEGAProps CP Vol01


Nams PROPSPACK Vol 2.dat







Lot 1x2

Capacity 30000

Plop cost 400

Monthlyupkeep 350

CoverageRadius 1880

JobsCreated 8R$ 9 R$$

ClerkenwellLibrary FAR

Lot 1x1

Capacity 25000

Plop cost 350

Monthlyupkeep 300

CoverageRadius 1760

JobsCreated 7R$ 8 R$$


Lot 1x2

Capacitysatisfied CO$$$ 20

BuildingValue 218

BulldozeCost 212

Pollution Air:1, Water: 1, Garbage 4

WaterConsumed 23

PowerConsumed 1

2016 Simmer2 and Bombardiere


noahclem Looks awesome man! Any day I come across something like this is a happy day :) 2017/03/26
JackWilds Love it... could even say it has a cuteness to it... 5/5 well done... from the lotting to the siding texture and the front door... 2017/03/19
SimNation More W2W housing is always a joy for me thanks 2017/03/16
sejr99999 thank you for the beautiful model and all the variations of function, lotting, lighting and texture 2017/03/15