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Creator: reddonquixote Upload Date: 2016-10-07
Last Update: Never File Type: Realistic
Views: 133 Category: Commercial - Highrise
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Rialto Towers, Melbourne, Australia

Rialto Towers is a 251m 63 floor office building in Collins Street, Melbourne. Built in the early 1980's, Rialto Towers is distinctive in the Melbourne skyline for its bright blue lights around the tops of the two different height glass towers.

This is version 4 of the first BAT I made, but first time release on the LEX.

Rialto Towers is a presented as Growable as well as CO$$$ Functional Landmark.

1) If you use Darknite, delete the folder RDQ_Rialto_Towers_MN. Otherwise, delete the folder RDQ_Rialto_Towers_DN.

There are no Prop dependencies, although the Dark Nite version requires Simfox Day n Nite Modd.


GreatWesternUK Love it especially the night time detail!! :) 2017‑03‑20
Shark7 The night-lighting on this one is superb. Quickly becoming one of my favorites. 2017‑01‑07
evarburg I especially like the portico and the lighting ! But are the small buildings at the foot of the tower absolutely necessary ? (I get this is a real building, but...) Anyway, the tower looks great. Bravo. 2016‑10‑07
dyoungyn Great job on the details. 2016‑10‑07
Lackadaisy October is a great month of the year. 2016‑10‑07