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Creator: reddonquixote Upload Date: 2016/10/05
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Nauru House, Melbourne, Australia

Nauru House (also called 80 Collins Street) is a landmark 52-storey building located in the Melbourne CBD. The building was designed by architectural firm Perrott Lyon Timlock & Kesa.

When completed in 1977 it became the tallest building in Melbourne, however the similar MLC Centre in Sydney retained Australia's tallest building at the time, from when it was completed just a few months earlier in the same year.

Source: Wikipedia

This is my 34th BAT.

Nauru House is presented as growable version as well as a CO$$ functional Landmark.

1) If you use Darknite, delete the folder RDQ_Nauru_House_MN. Otherwise, delete the folder RDQ_Nauru_House_DN.

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gunkz32 cool building, so awesomeee 10/10 2017/12/26
GreatWesternUK Just love your fantastic work! Ty for all your hard work. It's becoming quite a collection! :) 2017/03/20
EvansRE4 Love this building! I'm hoping you release more Melbourne buildings. I just love the downtown skyline. Oh, welcome back 2016/10/12
markussaage Awesome! 2016/10/06
APSMS Lovely work! I'm already trying to think of a way to fit it into my city! 2016/10/06
MGB204 Insta-download. Great to see you have not left us, what a great quality model to come back with. Thanks so much for sharing. 2016/10/06
sejr99999 thank you for yet another beautiful model very pleased you are back 2016/10/05
Spirius Amazing! 2016/10/05
Shanethemain WOW! Welcome back! As stunning as any of your other creations! 2016/10/05