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Creator: MGB204 Upload Date: 2016-09-27
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
Views: 219 Category: Dependency
Last Downloaded: 2018-06-23 Downloads: 1806


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This package contains a number of textures and HD rendered props for making Tennis scenes in the Lot Editor*.

There are textures and props to make tennis courts in Straight, Diagonal and Fractionally Angled (22.5░ & -22.5░) rotations. Additionally there are props for Tennis Nets, Court Fencing and a few extras that may come in handy when lotting. Prop families have also been used for the Court and Fencing props, which will randomly select one of the available colours/styles.

It should be noted that this is a Dependency, as such you will not find any new lots as a result of installing this file.

Huge thanks to KingOfSimCity for providing the inspiration for this pack andáthe included textures. Also forácollaborating with me on the props development.

*Strawberries and Cream not included.


AsimPika3172 Oooohhhh.... Tennnnnnnnis! Time for... Enjooooooy! Yeeeehaaaa!!!! 2018‑01‑21
EstRus-TV-Poklonnik Thank you! 2017‑08‑19
sejr99999 i have enjoyed creating new parks with these excellent props 2017‑04‑01
GreatWesternUK great work, great idea too. I'll be using this in future cities! :) 2017‑03‑20
MGB204 @NOS 17, absolutely not intentional. I noticed it the other day and already removed it from my files. But it doesn't warrant updating the package really, despite it's size unzipped, compressed it hardly makes a difference. Thanks for letting me know however :). 2016‑10‑13
nos.17 Perfect! I'll be sure to use these in the future. Fyi, you included a *.psd file from your logo; not sure if this is intentional or not. :) 2016‑10‑11
MGB204 Not a bad idea Tariel (evarburg). It would help enhance the extra flexibility of a tennis court prop. The problem (I did think about it), is that the court/net/fencing are all separate props. When I rendered them as complete units, this messed up all the lovely shadows I'd been working so hard on keeping. Perhaps though some Magic with Model Tweaker can resolve that... I see what I can do. 2016‑09‑28
evarburg What ? NO strawberries and cream ? You're fired. But seriously : they're great (and enhance KOSC's last offering a great deal !) ; too bad those are only props. I wouldn't mind a MMP. (As usual ;-)) 2016‑09‑28
CT14 Mansions. Mansions are for tennis. 2016‑09‑27