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Creator: SNM Upload Date: 2007/02/12
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Updated with new Readme. The Readme has a list of all dependencies for the complete SNM set.

The Base railhead allows your military forces to be loaded on trains for transport to those hotspots in the SimWorld. It also acts as a freightyard for your base.Please see the enclosed documentation for dependency information.


sejr99999 thank you 2010/12/05
Yggdarsil Finally some good tiles for my military hq. 10/10 2009/11/01
ANDYOUARE Holy dependencies Batman! 2009/10/24
aschampoo thank you 2009/03/13
patfirefghtr ty 2007/08/01
alfrd GOOD,VERYGOOD. 2007/07/10
zach9311 Very good for a martiel law effect! 2007/04/22
SpartanB292 very nicely done, I dont't necisarily use the snm lots but i'll def' grab this one 2007/04/08