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Creator: wouanagaine Upload Date: 2013/01/13
Last Update: 2013/02/26 File Type: Tools - Player
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Updated to V5b

SC4 Mapper 2013

This is the long awaited version of SC4Mapper
It now works from winXP to win8 without any tweaking

It features a config.bmp editor and an automatic config.bmp creator
Very big maps can be loaded without any change or patch.

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AsimPika3172 OK! Thanks Tarkus! I will try make MALAYSIA map from this website! https://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/30609-western-malay-archipelago/ 2017/10/10
Tarkus AsimPika3172: Depends on what you're trying to do. If you're just planning on loading an .SC4M format map into the game, SC4Mapper does the trick. SC4 Terraformer can do that, too, but its primary purpose is editing terrain. 2017/07/24
AsimPika3172 SC4 Mapper VS Terraformer.... Which one are more better??? 2017/07/23
I_Am_Not_A_Human_Being Not having all the problems other users are having. Works fine on my Win 10 laptop with no warnings from my AV. 2017/04/23
Staphy0 Windows 7 creates the same problem that other users are having in windows 10. I think I'll try messing with compatibility. 2016/12/30
LexusInfernus Yep, same problem on Windows 10. Creating a region just results in a white screen and the program doesn't respond anymore. 2016/12/10
DecoPlays Does not work on Windows 10. I start it, i create a region, then i choose the Region and then a White screen with nothing shows up... 2016/11/22
MGB204 No idea what "Spring Files" is. Packages on the LEX should be downloadable directly from here. If that's not what you're getting, sounds to me like your computer may be misbehaving. If however, you are talking about .dll files or such libraries, required for the application to run, I suggest you ask on the SC4D forums for help. There are locations to get these files safely, but sadly yes, there are also many scammers out there too. This is really outside of the control of SC4D/LEX or creators though. 2016/09/06
nekomaster Works great for turning heightmaps and SC4M files into usable playable Regions, and even lets you edit the layout and size of cities on a new map. As far as I know there are no viruses in this, I never had any warnings over the last couple of years using this. False positives are not viruses, its just the Anti-virus freaking out over code and behaviour that looks similar to a virus. I use to get that a lot with Norton AVAST AV User here. 2016/09/06
jmbing Is installing this through Spring files the only way to do this? I read that there are no viruses, but I don't trust Spring Files. 2016/09/05
jmbing Is installing this through Spring files the only way to do this? I read that there are no viruses, but I don't trust Spring Files. 2016/09/05
Random Beans Excellent! Beans for everyone! :D 2016/08/16
selles Regarding file infection: I've submitted the file to Norton's false positive team and they've confirmed that the file is safe. File status will be reflected on the next definitions update, so Norton will no longer flag the file as suspicious. For those with other AV, I don't know their procedures. FILE IS SAFE. As for the mapper, it works like a charm! Easy to use, and does what you need it to do. 2016/07/12
navodit14 Yes, this file is infected. My AV showed UDS:Dangerous object multi generic. I tried to uninstall but didn't let me saying I don't have permission (not even delete). I tried to open chrome for online help but then it showed that chrome doesn't exist on the computer. Then it started to remove every program on computer. I restarted and then was able to delete it manually. 2016/05/08
Lord_Revenant This program is awesome! It works great on my Windows 10 Laptop. Now if I could figure out how to make config.bmp's for my own maps! :D 2016/04/27
Tarkus qtwqwd: Non-commercial files with smaller userbases are known to generate false positives with AV programs that use statistical heuristics. The file is safe, and a legitimate scan with your AV, rather than its initial statistic reaction, should show that. 2016/03/30
qtwqwd This mapper includes VIRUS called BACKDOOR 2016/03/30
gpower7 Doesn't work for macs 2016/02/21
zaydanmc thank you! 2016/01/27
simcitybestgame i need hlep i can inpot a region 2016/01/09
Tarkus Again, there is no Trojan. Norton is only flagging it due to its statistics-based heuristics. 2015/10/10
konosaga reported, this contains a trojan 2015/10/10
Tarkus euan_hogg: There is no Trojan. Your AV is giving a false positive, likely related to naive online statistical heuristics that flag it for simply being an executable that has a small user base. Rest assured that any LEX Certified Item is clean and safe. 2015/07/28
euan_hogg I get a Trojan found - Win32/Bulta!rfn . Someone might wish to upload a clean version. 2015/07/28
Strelak dis is awsom! 2015/05/31
Tarkus nscaler: There is no Trojan. You're getting a false alarm, or there is some other security issue on your system that is unrelated. I have just verified with my own copy of Norton Internet Security (updated 8 minutes ago) that the file is clean. 2015/05/16
nscaler THIS FILE CONTAINS A TORJAN!!!! http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2013-091708-4759-99&vid=42625&product=Norton%20Security&version={B0B39A30-B2AA-44F4-9BD4-5F0453DF9AF6}&partnerid=1000670&lic_type=512&lic_attr=16928786&psn=HKFFBFMYVHQF&puid=5429&osvers=6.3&oslocale=iso:USA&oslang=iso:ENG&os=windows 2015/05/16
jbstok I can't tell you whether this program is nice or not when it won't let me use it but, at this time it's not for me. It refuses to recognize I have any SC4 map files (.SC4), even though I have several thanks to The Sims 2. It only recognizes already created SC4 Terraformer/Mapper files (.SC4M). I was hoping to convert my favorite SC4 map, Alpinloch into a The Sims 3 compatible file using the method described: convert to greyscale, then import to Create a World to convert to a world file. Thank you for your efforts to make SC4 compatible with The Sims 3 but I will keep looking for a program that will covert my favorite SC4 map. 2015/04/12
MOREOPTIONS works most of the time. as long as I don't move it. If I try dragging to other screen it CTD's. sometimes if I simply click on the thing to load anything to it, will again CTD. I can't see anything wrong in my computer configuration. if you have a new patch that i missed. please let me know. Thank you 2014/10/04
Disasterjunkie I downloaded this already but all my files disappeared, some one has sticky fingers. Thankfully now I'm single .... no more sticky fingers. 2014/07/05
Alexia Thank you, it's working perfectly fine. 2014/06/27
Elfares grazie 2014/05/28
ortiz26x wouanagaine. Hello friend I am writing to ask your permission to publish this application in simtropolis, application I've managed to translate the Mac and wanted to do it with your permission. if you agree with the publication of this application please write to luis26x@Gmail.com. Thanks and I'll mention your name as the author of the application as it is the same that you have created just running on mac Thanks again 2014/04/22
ortiz26x wouanagaine. Hello friend I am writing to ask your permission to publish this application in simtropolis, application I've managed to translate the Mac and wanted to do it with your permission. if you agree with the publication of this application please write to luis26x@Gmail.com. Thanks and I'll mention your name as the author of the application as it is the same that you have created just running on mac Thanks again 2014/04/22
Disasterjunkie man, it took me a while with this one, so i can finally download maps now.? 2014/03/25
aswar thanks 2014/03/20
dazoficial Error everytime at 0,2mb 2014/01/06
rcurtis Tested with Sandboxie, can confirm that there is NO trojan or malware in this download. 2013/12/07
Jakesssde now...i can... 2013/11/26
Sim15 it have virus 2013/10/09
omer this is just phenomenon! very well done :) 2013/10/09
LegoManilaShow 2013 i can't download this file. it's been an error to download. please do not download this. 2013/09/26
fit2someone Not a virus anyway... Here the proof https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/af7b2dfa4e344cb1ffc2fd6347ba49aa79221fbaf00c1990add652d5de412731/analysis/ http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/776e105496dbf0060892d391eeac632b9b0c22a3/6a2302fe36ef81561e535c45d43524c9f7351432 2013/09/22
Dylan_CH Thank you so much for the Trojan Horse included with the file! My computer didn't really appreciate...:! 2013/09/04
afisjr Thank you, thanks :D 2013/08/12
Snagwell thankyou very much 2013/08/10
lukeman13 Great :P 2013/07/28
KingofNY-2007 thx, very good! 2013/07/16
SomeBuilder22 This is what i'm talking about.. 2013/06/23
Dudely Wow a new version. It's very slick. Thanks for all the work 2013/06/22
fel1993 Awesome 2013/06/15
enkohs Finally I got this! :DD 2013/06/04
Badoway Terima kasih banyak 2013/06/04
Christian0 Thanks! 2013/05/20
Aguts213 que gran tool!!! 2013/05/15
jrowland18 Thank you very very very very very very very very very very very very much! 2013/05/14
fsa094 :DDD This is just perfect!! 2013/05/13
doubledecker ah ah ah 2013/05/08
berthings1018 Great work! Keep it up :D 2013/05/05
kaesemann the config.bmp editor is quite easily the most amazing feature ever, always wondered why there wasnt an easy way to make decent configs except for all one size, now there is, thank you SO much 2013/04/24
Delimis Yesssss. Now I can go nuts and get all the .SC4M files I want. Many thanks. 2013/04/24
worm thank you very much! 2013/04/23
twanbr thanks! 2013/04/22
billyriz thanks 2013/04/13
Ferrarisucks Unreal! Thank you so much! 2013/04/12
Raja Taufik i love sc4devotion 2013/04/04
brent01 i want to donate to this website but i have no money :( but i will donate sooner :)) thank you very much for this very helpful website :)) keep up the good work! god bless you all! sorry for bad english ^_^ 2013/03/27
tros OOOOOOOOOHHHH. How did I just find about this??? 2013/03/24
nogravy Wow, I haven't used a custom map in years because my computer wasn't up to the task. Wish I'd had this all that time I spent making bland terrains by hand. 2013/03/24
needevidence568 You're the best! 2013/03/13
Zarastroika ありがとうございました!(ーω・) 2013/03/10
dallin256 me gusta 2013/03/07
HuChaoChin Thanks Thanks Thanks 2013/02/25
rjamesp thank you so much 2013/02/21
sergysgv Merci beaucoup, c'est genial! 2013/02/14
McMorky thx bro 2013/02/09
ewol Looking good so far thanks heaps :) 2013/02/04
Hellken Thanks for the update. Big improvement! If SC4 Terraformer can get full Windows 7 and Windows 8 compatibility that would definitely be great! 2013/02/01
test_ yehaw! 2013/01/30
Aners23 Thank you! ohmy, I was searching for this program to time! I'm shocked! I finally got.... Thaaaaaanks. 2013/01/25
Adams10694 works :) thanks 2013/01/19
hoss48458 thanks very much 2013/01/19
tyscott12 I can't wait to use it. It took me 50 tries to try to register on SC4devotion then I went to the link and it was on BSC where I already had a account... 2013/01/19
simsmurf Thank you very very much.... This is wonderful! 2013/01/17
xannepan Thank you. This is wonderful! 2013/01/17
Knuckleball Been waiting for this. Thx!! 2013/01/17
mattb325 Thanks for this - great job! 2013/01/17
wouanagaine @kinderly, on some machine yes, on other not, if you're willing to test, post in the forum thread, I have a debug version I can send you that might help me fix it 2013/01/16
lotherius Great! Forgot how much I missed this tool! Haven't been able to use it for YEARS. Runs fine on Windows 8. 2013/01/16
kinderly Was the 'doesn't read anything beginning with a U' problem fixed? 2013/01/15
SLagonia Oh, than God! 2013/01/15
tomininio Yeeaahh! :) 2013/01/15
InvernessJon Amazing, as usual. Keep movin'! 2013/01/15
CaptivatedLady OMG this is getting downloaded right now, thank you I gave up on custom maps since the older mapper just wouldn't load them. 2013/01/14
Enaud47 Thank you very very much.... 2013/01/14
Aaron Graham Great work. :D 2013/01/14
dfnwv Oh right...Fixed. 2013/01/14
dfnwv It will not load SC4M files for me. 2013/01/14
GamerManGT5 Vers good. Finally it's works on Win7. Thank you very much. 2013/01/14
Natsudie FINALLY!!! Thank you so much! 2013/01/13
zmveliger Thanks a lot, merci beaucoup!!! 2013/01/13
dohraymii Thanks so much for the update!! 2013/01/13
tysons5 is there a way to get the installer in english? 2013/01/13
JayStimson Very good. Thank you. 2013/01/13
dobdriver Hey Wouanagaine this looks great!!!! Thanks can'r wait to give it a whirl, cheers 2013/01/13