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Creator: Lowkee33 Upload Date: 2012/02/04
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
Views: 12315 Category: Mods - Graphics
Last Downloaded: 2015/05/22 Downloads: 4660


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It is a great pleasure to release this terrain mod.



Highly Reccomended:


Please see my thread for support: Terrain Works at SC4D

It looks like you need to be running the game with Hardware Rendering, not software.



SimVlasky I love this terrain mod. It's my favorite! 2013/11/17
Xerxes21 Wow. Very impressive. Thank you! 2013/03/25
Wodong This is gorgeous terrain. Words fails me. Are you planning implement a tree controller in future to go with it? 2012/07/29
Magneto Great stuff! Thanks for sharing 5/5 2012/06/13
MrMAvE94 So highly detailed, excellent! Thanks mate. 2012/05/09
Andrey_Munari Amazing job! Thank you so much! 2012/02/25
simester As I wrote it's beautiful, but some sad. May you make more light version of this terrain mod in future? ;)However I live in Appalacian. 2012/02/09
zgrillo2004 O_O I live in the Appalachians. I definitely need to get this when I get time. Thanks mate 2012/02/09
dgidge2 wonderfull. I tried it, I think it's the best CP with the columbus. Very hard and nice work thx a lot. 2012/02/07
pressus So, it's my favorite terrain now, but I've change beach mod to Riverside BM (by marsh, STEX), it's looking better I think and very realistic now. Thx LK :-) 2012/02/06
simester It's really beautiful and realistic terrain! 2012/02/06
Pimpzz Looks amazing! :D 2012/02/05
harryloko20 Colossus and it = The Best texture Greaat Work , Beach is dark, i agreeedd with this guy up.Make a light . it will nice 2012/02/05
pressus Wonderful!!! Now it's one of the best terrain mods, beach mod is to dark, but it's only my opinion and we can change it independently. Very, very good work sir LK :-) 2012/02/05
epicblunder This is the best terrain mod ever! 2012/02/05
xannepan Fantastic! Bravo! 2012/02/05
Xperian Perfect timing, I was just in the mood to change terrain sets. 2012/02/05
Gringamuyloca So glad you picked this part of the game to "Tinker' with Lowkee33! Thanks much for sharing your hard work with the rest of us! 2012/02/04
TownMaster2005 Looks exciting and a change is never bad 2012/02/04
jack_wilds excellent... can't wait to play with it... if its as good as CP's columbus or meadowshire, I'll be very happy... way to persevere LK 2012/02/04