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Creator: NAM Team Upload Date: 2011/02/04
Last Update: Never File Type: NAM Plugin Files
Views: 139 Category: NAM
Last Downloaded: 2013/07/31 Downloads: 5464


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As of NAM Version 31, this file has been merged into the NAM itself.

Network Addon Mod


Tarkus As this mod has been merged into the Network Addon Mod itself, where it is available as an option on the installer, this file is locked. 2013/07/31
mafukw Thanks, great building 2011/12/26
Kcitydude British cosmetic mod please! 2011/12/10
patfirefghtr sweet thank you!!! 2011/11/18
Ludde09 exelent! 2011/10/02
rjamesp brilliant! 2011/06/11
976 Nice! will there would be any euro/asian version? 2011/04/17
stephenpullen1 Great Work! Hope there will be a French and a German one soon! 2011/03/19
Mawgojzeta Thank you! 2011/03/18
aozoi10 Is there any conflict here with streetside mods? Other than that concern, it's great! 2011/03/02
pokestik Many...Thanks! 2011/02/16
Alvaro Mrales Really amazing!!!!! 1000/1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011/02/09
simlove Big Thank-you NAM-Team 2011/02/06
TJ1 Yayyyyy!!!!!!! 2011/02/06
Tenzwood AWESOME. I really like that street/ave connection. 2011/02/05
brenn222 Incredible work, nice addition to the NAM 2011/02/05
trancebooster another awesome contribution ! thanks guys ! 2011/02/05
rjamesp wonderful!!! 2011/02/05
rjamesp wonderful!!! 2011/02/05
baramdolly thank you 2011/02/05
Cali wonderful work as always you guys!. Thank you for sharing this with us. 2011/02/04
Aaron Graham Yes, a bigg surprise!!! 5/5 2011/02/04
Death50 I saw this in the progres thread just yesterday and here it is! Very nice... the Cul-De-Sacs are a great add. It's all these kind of Mods/Add-Ons that have made this game the Simcity5 for me, and kept me playing. Thank you! 2011/02/04
sejr99999 thank you I was just exploring the LEX in 2008 and noticed there was something new in 2011. very nice surprise! 2011/02/04
girafe on top 2011/02/04
io_bg Great. I hope an Euro version will appear soon, too xD 2011/02/04
Gringamuyloca No wonder why I check here daily.. at least... Just never know what treats one may find! Thanks team!! 2011/02/04
halenbyname nice textures 2011/02/04
jack_wilds an unexpected surprise... wonderful improvements -thank-you NAM-Team 2011/02/04