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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2009/12/12
Last Update: 2010/01/31 File Type: Realistic
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When Khiyana created her wonderful props and textures for German cemeteries, I was planning to create new church and cemetery lots for SimCity 4, since the Maxis ones never really met my taste and looked a bit boring as well. This set contains four different church and three different cemetery lots, which are available either as additional lots to the Maxis ones, or as a mod that replaces the Maxis lots completely.

It wasn't easy to find suitable replacement models in the proper size for the Maxis churches, but finally, I found four churches: the Village Church by voltaic, Bosham Church by Mntoes, Usakos Church by Colyn and the Stiftskirche by Haarlemmergold. Please remember to install those four churches and the other dependencies that are listed below, otherwise, the lots won't show up properly, and you'll get the infamous brown boxes.

For the German grave props, Khiana created some HD props that show additional details in zoom 6. All graves are part of a prop family, which will create some nice variety, as well as the seasonal trees by Cycledogg. Two cemetery lots feature a small chapel, created by voltaic, and a few watering cans and a well, just like any German cemetery looks like.

The files "SFBT_Maxis_Church_Mod.dat" and "SFBT_Maxis_Cemetary_Mod.dat" contain a mod that replaces the Maxis churches and cemeteries, respectively. If you want to use these files, you don't need to install the rest of the lot files (but you'll still need the dependencies listed below). If you want, you can also install the separate lots, in that case, the Maxis lots will stay, and you can build the new churches and cemeteries along with the Maxis ones. I suggest to use the mod only in new cities, otherwise, you should bulldoze your Maxis churches and cemeteries first before installing this mod, and replop them afterwards.

Dependencies (see readme file or Dependency Tracker for links):

- BSC Mega Prop Pack Cycledogg
- BSC Textures Vol. 1
- SFBT Essentials
- SFBT Small Chapels
- SFBT Village Church
- CSX Usakos Church
- Mntoes Bosham Church
- Haarlemmergold Small German Church

2010/01/31: Added individual icons to lots, separated Maxis churches and cemeteries mod for greater flexibility.


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