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Creator: barbyw Upload Date: 2009/10/02
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Two sets of Venetian style buildings for use wih the Diggis CAN-AM Mod. There are 28 assorted buildings for the simgoober canals and 27 for the SG_CAL remastered canals. These contain ploppable lots with jobs, passenger ferry terminals and freight wharves. All the SG canal lots are now $$ and some have been changed from the original set. All the SG_CAL lots are $$$ and have not been released previously.

The ferry and freight terminals are in the Water Transit menu; the train station is in the Rail menu; all civic buldings are in their appropriate menu and the ploppables with jobs and other lots are in the Park menu with the canal sets.

If you have the original set of BMD Venetians, please DO NOT USE them with the CAN-AM. The ones in this set are new exemplars and all have only one canal bank. They are lotted the same as the original single banked lots. A Cleanitol file is included to help you to remove the old lots. The double bank lots cannot be used with CAN-AM so they have not been changed. I shall release a set of double banked lots for the SG CAL canals in the near future. This way you can have part of the city using CAN-AM and other parts that do not.


This list covers all 55 lots and both canal systems.


sejr99999 thank you for this beautiful lotting 2017/04/19
Tamorr Nice to see these updated for use with CAN-AM, even though the double bank lots can't be used with the system, but in this way give a good variety of which are and which are candy lots. :) 2009/10/02