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Creator: gascooker Upload Date: 2007/02/09
Last Update: 2008/08/09 File Type: Growable
Views: 429 Category: Commercial - Medium
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This lot has been updated with the X_Tool and all previous versions should be removed. A Remove List for use with BSC Cleanitol TM has been provided. There is a new Readme.
Bring a little piece of Sweden into your regions with this medium density CS$$ home furnishings superstore. Ikea comes as a 4x4 and 5x5 LOT with plenty of parking, a mezzanine restaurant level and a host of special offers. Don't forget to keep your police departments well funded, should an Ikea special offer invoke a riot of sims eager to be the first to get that cut-price sofa...


  • BSC Textures Vol 01

  • FullLOT specscan be found in the Readme file.

    PC Users
    Auto-install. Extract the installer file from the .zip and double-click to install Ikea

    Mac Users
    Mac users will need FileJuicer.

    Credits: Thanks to all the BSC team for your endless supply of help, criticism, knowledge and support. Special thanks to Barby for the UI and SandraSim for the translations.


    Nazree92 why my ikea store doesnt have model?? please help 2017/08/02
    rummtata Until now, my sims must have lived in emtpy rooms... thanks so much =) 2015/03/27
    Lucas690 Very perfect! The only problem is that when you install this, all the city looks like a ocean of ikeas, but that's no a "problem" for me. 2015/01/20
    Disasterjunkie ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh IKEA.... love it. 2014/07/07
    jmak Great job! 2014/03/31
    tuer83 good 2014/03/28
    bardya_oracle Thnak you. 2013/03/10
    MoonLolly Looks so much like Ikea; love it so much, simcity 4 is golden 2012/11/26
    stantheman1959 superb 2012/11/04
    kazusays wha....... 2012/07/26
    apesfiu thanks 2012/02/08
    prince_amy Thanks your awlsome 2012/01/31
    lechugacortes love love 2011/12/30
    SamusLife@yahoo.com Thank you! :) 2011/12/01
    tarmiji thanks 2011/11/10
    Ioseph Thanks nice building 2011/08/25
    blebell Hope to see it opening soon thank you 2011/08/15
    franky_boy super! 2011/07/10
    Limewax k its official now. Ive waited 125+ years with appropriate lot sizes opened. This doesnt work. 2011/06/02
    Limewax Having a hard time getting this to pop in, been waiting a loooooonnnnnng time. 2011/05/31
    Aliktren Brilliant! 2011/01/10
    rjamesp no ploppable version? :( 2010/12/03
    kkrlomagno good 2010/10/10
    ppplll SO AWESOME!!!!! 2010/06/10
    magicman580 That Looks Kool..... 2010/03/19
    CRI069 no!!!!!Here again IKEA!!!! 2010/03/01
    sejr99999 thank you will be a great addition to my cities 2010/02/18
    Biwdc Excellent Work 2009/09/15
    brooks i got it to work ty. great lot 2009/08/28
    brooks i like this lot but why do i keep getting brown box and i do have BSC Textures vol.1 ? please help 2009/08/27
    corey cool nice 2009/07/23
    Triden007 Is this CAMpatible? Or I have to download the huge CAM offices and services pack? 2009/07/14
    MrSimpleTown This looks terrific...a definite dl...keep up the excellent work. Thanks a lot 2009/05/07
    Sotireus looks great!! thanks!! 2009/02/21
    bkballa4790 Nice! 2009/01/04
    stevie89 why locked? 2008/08/08
    latrinis bom pra caralho! 2008/05/26
    DJTiesto Very very nice. I Love! 2008/05/16
    Yana Awesome looking. :) 2008/05/06
    ixnayonthetimmay Very nice..good for adding reality to the simulated reality of Sim City 2008/03/30
    hanganu very well done-ty 2008/03/22
    eekng1 good job 2008/03/12
    canis39 awesome, thanks 2008/01/20
    PHOEBUS cool 09/10 2008/01/20
    City Builder Excellent, adds a bit of my own real life community into the game for me. Thanks much for it. 2008/01/09
    Tracker Is this a puppet account for GC stuff? Or is he back? 2007/09/03
    icepeter This tool is amazing I wish I didn't wait so long to download this 2007/06/21
    yclin Great Job, Thx a lot 2007/06/13
    NinjaRobotPirate My girlfriend and I both love this model! 2007/05/18
    dkwherry Really a standout bit of work there! Fantastic! 2007/05/17
    bjorntju looks lol 2007/05/17
    rathman11 Love it! 2007/04/21
    oddball59 Beautiful! Ikea rocks and so does this lot. Thank you for sharing. 2007/04/17
    parcifal This is sooooo cool! Thanks! 2007/04/11
    thailogxx See a few in my cities, pretty cool. 2007/04/04
    patfirefghtr very awsome thank you 2007/03/07
    amy test Love the night effects.. 2007/03/01