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Creator: sithlrd98 Upload Date: 2009/09/18
Last Update: Never File Type: Plop
Views: 76 Category: Landmarks - Functional
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These lots have been re-done as they have been identified as possibly growing on empty lots. They have all been put through PIM-X . There are 6 lots included in this pack.


sejr99999 thank you I just downloaded the originals from a Japanese site a few days ago so good timing on my part in going back thru the LEX today for these lots 2017/04/19
PhilO I have boxes too.....this is new,never had problems before 2012/12/26
SLagonia We need you to list the dependencies. 2012/12/26
brandbrand32 thanks 2010/12/30
thomasstone thats a nice one and helpfull 2010/09/14
Webnut The US version was titled Starblazers. FYI there is a live action movie of space battleship yamato being released this year in Japan 2010/07/17
GekkeTom srry i just doesn't look at the right place 2009/10/04
GekkeTom I see nothing, i only see boxes and you say that there are no depencies how is that possible? 2009/10/04
fleetlordavtar blah! 2009/09/27
BusRocker This looks like fun on a bun... In space! I've heard of that cartoon series. 2009/09/23
Odainsaker Yikes...has it really been almost 40 years! One of my favorite classic series. 2009/09/18
Mas71 Thank you for re-LOTing Sithled98 and sharing them, and for great BATs APTX san too :) This SpaceBattleShip is modeled from old japanese cartoon film "Space Battle Ship - YAMATO" about 40 years ago. How many people know that ? ;-) 2009/09/18