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This is a set of 8 small R$ timber frame houses. This building style very common in Northern Europe. They are built in rural area's as well as big cities during the middle ages. This building style is generally found in areas with lots of woodlands and a large supply of timber. The main part of the construction is the wooden skeleton. This skeleton carries the loads of the building. The spaces between the wooden beams and columns are filled with plaster, brick, or stone.
These small houses grow on 1x1, 1x2 and 1x3 lots. Each house provides a home for 12 sims. All houses are CAMpatible, BTE enabled and Slope Friendly up to medium slopes.


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Homie Lamar just marking the dependencies I need. 2016‑03‑07
uiterwaarde i like these houses, but their scales are way off, compared to the automata and most other buildings, the front doors appear to be 4-5 meters tall 2013‑03‑25
Lakenstaken nice houses but I live in northern europe (norway, more specificly) and I've never seen any house like these here. 2011‑05‑29
sejr99999 thank you I like these little houses especially the modernized ones with skylights 2011‑03‑16
jozia29 i need all dependencies?? 2010‑09‑10
mattb325 These are a great addition - thanks 2009‑09‑01
spa Cute 2009‑08‑30
jacqulina fantastic work 2009‑08‑27
kimcar Very nice houses thanks 2009‑08‑26
debussyman These are wonderful. Thank you! 2009‑08‑26
Ferwyn1 Amazingly accurate. The roofs look stunning. 2009‑08‑26