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Creator: mike Upload Date: 2009-07-25
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Dig it. Send your cities back to the 1960s with my newest automata set. Forget the Assasinations, civil unrest and veitnam. Just concentrate on how groovy those cars from the 60s look. These are cars from the peak of the American automotive industry (in my humble opinion). Believe it or not, I worked on this modd on and off for three years. Now for the info. Peace This mod contains 121 UDI drivable cars for your cities and 120 commercial and residential car clusters. All cars have custom night lighting. Just unzip 60s family props.dat - This is the file with the cars that are parked in front of houses and buildings in your city and 1960s Maxis cars replacement mod.dat -This is the file with the UDI drivable automata No dependancies needed -------------------------------there is a new instance mod that does not replace the Maxis vehicles. You may download it from Simtropolis. The LEX kept insisting that it was a duplicate file.


sejr99999 thank you how did I miss this? great idea 2017‑04‑19
$FREEMONEY$ Sorry for the double comment but I found out it was one of the pick-ups. 2011‑07‑27
$FREEMONEY$ Really cool. Put a little variety in SimCity. There's a problem: I found some cars that seem to look like glitches. Tiny little multicolor cars. Really weird. Are you sure there are no dependencies? 5/5 (for the idea and effort) 4/5 for some glitches/bugs. 2011‑07‑27
pepsibottle1 Wonderful, wonderful set. Thank you very much! Everything is spot-on, 100/100 2010‑11‑15
maximgorky yeah, I love 60's! :D 2010‑03‑06
slystone2 these look great, ty 2010‑01‑06
gfv1974 Fantastic! Thanks heaps for this. :) 2009‑08‑13
mike Your welcome. Yes, there were times when I thought these would never be released too. When overtime at work dried up, I found more time on my hands again. 2009‑07‑29
commanderkai MORE CARS?!?!?! Awesome. Seriously, just awesome. I got it off the Simtropolis site because the more cars in my city, the better 2009‑07‑26
Evillions YEAH! I never thought you would release these! Good work! 2009‑07‑26
trainz cool and u can download the one that dosen't reaplace at simtropolis 2009‑07‑26
placepunk2k cool! thanks! =) 2009‑07‑26
Silur Thank You very much once more ... It's for me !!! 2009‑07‑25
metropo-like Sweet! 2009‑07‑25
Acemusik Outstanding mod ! 2009‑07‑25
maciex Wow cool mod. Thank you ;) 2009‑07‑25