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Creator: JBSimio Upload Date: 2009/06/06
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 129 Category: Residential - SF
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This is the third release in the RUSA Project. These rather generic apartment buildings are designed for low rise urban sprawl settings. Arbor Woods Apartments comes with two color variations which will both grow as medium wealth residential lots. Enjoy!


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cronop44 Thanks 2017/09/14
sejr99999 thank you great to have for med density areas 2010/08/09
gottago lol@jack_wilds: having grown up watching housing developments pop up all over, the name is perfect! and much needed lots too--many thanks JBS! 2009/06/12
patfirefghtr fantastic apartment set Jon!!! More to come??? ;-) 2009/06/11
mattb325 Nice job - something badly needed in the game. 2009/06/09
jack_wilds excellent... arbor-woods, is that like 'wood-woods' or 'tree-woods'... is it a oxymoronic term or something? any way good work 2009/06/07
SimNation Very Nice...we have some buildings that look like that in the area I live in 2009/06/07
SimGoober Nicely done! 2009/06/06