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This is the Saint Barbara Church. As soon as your village has more than 5.000 residents your sims are willing to build this reward. The Saint Barbara Church is build to honour the holy Saint Barbara, the goddess of the simworld. The church is based on early medieval churches in the Netherlands. Next to the church is a small graveyard for the rich and important people who once lived in your town. As said above, it's rewarded as soon as your city has more than 5.000 residents. The church provides a small park effect and raises the demand caps for all residential wealth levels.


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enterzandman They can make as many mega props as they want, I love them and I love their work. Shame they haven't been around awhile I wish they'd keep the awesome stuff coming! :D 2013/02/15
Exla358 If I had a dollar for every BSC MEGA Props there was... 2011/04/09
fleetwood Oh wow, beautiful church. Thank you 2010/02/12
sejr99999 thank you love rewards with benefits also very beautiful building 2010/01/09
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009/12/26
Enslaved Viking Just beautiful, I dislike the House of Worship already in the game, I don't want to replace, but instead add new churches/mosques to the game. Makes it look realistic in my opinion. Thanks for sharing. 2009/11/23
luley thank you. 2009/05/07
wesman7 Woo-hoo! I love beautiful churches! Thank you! 2009/05/04
Dahurian gorgeous church! thanks a lot ^^ 2009/04/26
kendiecasttsoi Just gorgeous! Thank you! 2009/04/20
debussyman Splendid! Love stained glass textures. 2009/04/17
spa Nice church 2009/04/17
terror623 looks like a church in my hometown :D (Leiden) 2009/04/15
Schulmanator What a delightful little church. Nice work! 2009/04/14
FrankvU Beautiful work! (In medieval times the rich were burried in the church. The poor people were put outside)(stomme betweter!). 2009/04/14
meinhosen This looks like a heckuva good work... I'll definitely be looking to plop this reward! 2009/04/13
mattb325 Absolutely delightful. 2009/04/13
patfirefghtr Beautiful church tag!!! 2009/04/13
kimcar Excellent work tag one. Thanks for sharing 2009/04/13
jacqulina wonderfull work thanks 2009/04/13