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Creator: Voltaire Upload Date: 2008/12/22
Last Update: 2009/01/05 File Type: Props
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Optional for players already using RMIP-2 and ACB-VLT Series 1.

This package replaces 120 previously-released prop files:

- S3 terminal set
- Series 1 CRJ Family, with attached jetbridges
- Luggage carts & tractors
- Fuel truck
- T-hangars, stairs, and wind socks
- Signs, fences, and approach lights
- RMIP-2 placement helpers

A Cleanitol file is included so you can remove the old files and reduce duplication. You can get the BSC Cleanitol TM utility here on the LEX.

Remember: Cleanitol will not search inside packed DAT files. If you're one of the many (like myself) who use DatPacker, restore your "un-packed" plugins, before using Cleanitol.

Remember also: Cleanitol only searches the two Plugins folders. If you use Startup Manager, be sure to run it once with all your plugins selected, before using Cleanitol.


Disasterjunkie I have officially learned my lesson! make a back up. make a back up. It will take me days to get all my info again. 2014/07/07
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kazusays this is cool, do you get to create your own runways thoguh? 2012/07/27
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