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Creator: tabi Upload Date: 2008/11/25
Last Update: Never File Type: Props
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A selection of freight plane props for use in your own lots.


city12 i downloaded this and i do not see them? 2013/10/31
luvpats101 where do i find these in Lot editor 2011/12/03
tarmiji thanks 2011/11/13
Antdog201 so is this the ac mega props pack vol 01?, cause oddly I used the dependency list and it lead me to this... 2011/08/12
apeguy I'm having trouble finding the AN-225 prop. what is its prop name? 2011/06/09
Jorge_carrillo luacriolover Where can I find it? 2011/05/08
luacriolover Ifound the an225, and it looks great. Thanks Tabi. 2010/08/13
luacriolover ANYONE!!!! 2010/08/10
luacriolover I found all of the others, but i can find the an 225. 2010/08/09
luacriolover Can anyone help me!!!!!! 2010/08/08
luacriolover Hi tabi. The planes shown are not showing up. Can you help me. 2010/08/06
joshriddle577 Excellent props! Now can expand my custom airport! 2010/06/16
sc4maniac anyone know the prop name in lot editor for the An-225? 2010/05/24
ComputerGuy Dreamlifter! Cool! 10/10 2010/02/07
Ricky112233 depancies?? 2009/07/15
Ricky112233 Nice does it have depancies??? 2009/07/15
gamebooker65 THANKS 2009/06/16
soccerboi22 thanks so much. These will look awesome in my airport when I make them a lot 2009/06/10
davemap Im Planning an Air Show in my city 2008/12/25