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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007/02/04
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
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Cycledogg's Columbus Terrain - Snowcapped mod

This is a modification on the great Cycledogg's terrain mod, which allows snow in the highest mountains. You must have the original mod in order to the Snowcapped mod to work.

The needed Texturescan be downloaded here: Cycledogg's Columbus Terrain Textures. I Want to give Cycledogg's a BIG thanks for making them available !!!. Outstanding work btw !!!

The mod allows you to use any beach or rock mod you want. Just place the beach or rock mod files in your C:Program Files....plugins folder as usual.
The mod is fully compatible with any previos CD's terrain city.
The mod is fully compatible with the Cycledogg's trees.


To make the installation easier, I did not include any other's mod textures in this one.
I used some Maxis textures, some unused snowy CD's textures ( Thanks Cycledogg for the suggestion !!!) and a custom snow texture I made to avoid more dependancies.
The beaches are slightly fixed, but dont work perfectly yet.

This mod is possible only thanks to Cycledogg, who created the inclredible Columbus Terrain mod, and Thalassicus, who made the great tutorial I followed to "mod the mod!. Gracias amigos. This is an incredibe community !!!

I hope you like it !!! Enjoy it until Cycledogg releases his own (and better for sure) snowscapped mod ;-D !!!

You can also visit the Cycledogg's terrain mod thread for more info on the original mod.

Check the includedreadme file for installation instructions.



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