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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2008/06/03
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
Views: 84 Category: Mods - Graphics
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UPDATED to fix blocky beach texture problem. Fix by Swamper77. Thanks Swamper!
A very green terrain mod based on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington state (USA). This mod changes the ground textures of undeveloped areas of your city to give it a lush Olympic-like appearance: lots of mossy ground suitable for rain forests, as well as a variety of other forest floor and grass textures. At higher elevations, you will find flowering alpine meadows, rock outcroppings, scree slopes, and snowy ravines. This mod is not compatible with other terrain mods, (such as the Snowcapped terrain mod, the Desert mod, the Columbus mod, the Missouri Breaks mod, the Painted Desert mod, the Moab mod, etc) but it is compatible with custom beach textures, custom water textures and custom cliff textures (such as Peg'srock mods).
CRASH ALERT!: You must have both of the following files installed when using this mod or the game will crash to the desktop when you try to open a city.
Please read the readme for other important information.


jacqulina thanks much 2014/08/24
Ryusuke516 This terrain mod does look very nice. But it comes with a problem, it makes the game lag very badly and will CTD the game when i load a city after playing another city and will CTD the game if i zoom out. 2009/06/14
melo coll 2008/08/17
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2008/06/04