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Creator: c.p. Upload Date: 2008-06-03
Last Update: Never File Type: Terrain
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A "badlands" terrain mod based on the Missouri Breaks area of eastern Montana (USA). This mod changes the ground textures of the undeveloped areas of your city to give it a "badlands" look: lots of sagebrush and chalky white slopes, as well as a variety of grasslands. At higher elevations, you will find flowering alpine meadows, rock outcroppings, scree slopes, and snowy ravines. This mod is not compatible with any other terrain mod (such as the Snowcapped terrain mod, the Desert mod, the Columbus mod, the Olympic mod, the Painted Desert mod, the Moab mod, etc) but it is compatible with custom beach textures, custom water textures and custom cliff textures (such as Peg's cliff mods).
CRASH ALERT!: You must have both of the following files installed when using this mod or the game will crash to the desktop when you try to open a city. CPT_No3_TerrainTextures.dat CPT_No4_TerrainTextures.dat
Please read the readme for other important information.


seank9745@gmail.com There's a terrain mod I've had my eyes on, but it won't work because its HD, my computer has integrated graphics (they're quite fast, but not compatible with Graphics Rules.sgr), and I have to run in software mode, which is quite fast because I have the latest Xeon E3 quad core that can actually do rendering faster than most mid-range graphics cards, but HD textures absolutely require a discrete graphics card. This is almost identical to the mod I want and and perfectly SD. Thanks :) 2015‑08‑27
messengerx greatttttt 2012‑08‑31
zyw5713808 ՈefvԒ 2011‑11‑26
fred wu fuck 2011‑10‑07
c2s1 The CPT_No3_TerrainTextures.dat and CPT_No4_TerrainTextures.dat download link is broken in simtropolis, please share us another link. 2011‑04‑12
Exla358 Nice job with it! 2011‑04‑11
Ndragonawa Where can I find CPT_No3_TerrainTextures.dat, and CPT_No4_TerrainTextures.dat? 2008‑08‑03