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You'll need MSVCP71.DLL which can be found here
Clip2Pic small utility I made some time ago that I use to take ingame pictures, because most of the time the camera in SC4 does not work and more than usefull it will create jpg instead of png

You just have to run the program, fill the required fields, hit the start button, then whenever you will hit the printscreen key or alt-printscreen, the image will be copied from the clipboard and saved.
This can also be usefull for anything else than SC4.
The tool will check if an image is present in the clipboard every second, the rest of the time, the program do not use CPU if not in foreground. so it won't hurt SC4 performance You have to specify :
  • the destination folder,
  • a base name for the picture, each time a picture will be saved, the tool will increment a number - ex if basename is img you will have img0000.jpg, img0001.jpg etc.. - the counter will be computed each time, so if you already have an img0015.jpg before running the tool, the first pic will be saved as img0016.jpg
  • the jpeg quality

This is the same version which was previously available. Just unzip it somewhere on your HD


Mymomarockz12 Great stuff! What a handy tool for me, just what I've been searching for. 2010‑03‑13
joltmeister @ flame1396: or not... 2010‑01‑15
flame1396 A must have for both SC4 and general use. Actually you could go about releasing this on a scale that goes beyond SC4 and make some money off it somehow. 2009‑04‑10
Haljackey I'm now using the program again for making mosaics. What an asset! Thanks again for developing this program! :) 2009‑01‑18
Youcefk69 Very good !! 2008‑12‑28
abrajam wow!!! yeeeah!! it's very useful. 2008‑11‑16
Unassigned Your tools save me much hassle & enable me to do much stuff so very easily. Thanks a bunch! 2008‑05‑20
jmyers2043 This is a great tool. Especially for those who publish journals and for those of us who need to grab screen shots of our bats. 2008‑03‑16
bribri You are amazing! 2008‑03‑06
dioangel Oh my god this is sweet! thank you for sharing it with us. 2008‑01‑21
bigslark Thanks for making this available again, Stephane! 2008‑01‑21
Haljackey Awesome, sounds like a very useful tool. Thanks! 2008‑01‑21
Vario That's really a genius idea, many thanks! 2008‑01‑21
caspervg Great job, I'll be using it! 2008‑01‑21
Mas71 It's too great tool Wouanagaine !! It's useful for another SC4 too !! Thank you very much !!:-) 2008‑01‑21
patriots1228 genius.. 2008‑01‑21
DFire870 Great idea! I never liked the in-game camera, and I hated having to Alt+Tab from SC4 to an image program to save my picture because sometimes I couldn't Alt+Tab back into SC4. 2008‑01‑21
FrankvU Great, but I have it already. Or did you change anything? 2008‑01‑21