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Creator: debussyman Upload Date: 2007/12/27
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Located somewhere in Brittany, this is the estate of a mysterious lady known by the locals only as Madame Winterton. Rumor says this is actually the summer residence of the well-known diva BarbyW. Find out plopping it in your cities, you might see her strolling around her gardens on summer evenings...
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BSC MEGA Props - Swi21 Vol01

BSC Textures Vol01


rjamesp thank you so much :) 2014/05/13
blebell very impressive thank you! 2011/09/12
sejr99999 thank you interesting lighting 2011/03/25
palmtown thank you very much !! :D 2009/12/26
Gavvie Great! Really beautiful! 2009/08/15
Lana 10/10 2008/02/10
kwakelaar Well who wouldn't want Barby strolling around their cities on summer evenings, great looking building. 2008/01/08
sebes Very nice Carlos. 2008/01/01
Grundigia A wonderful new addition Debussyman. my congratulations. Strech. 2007/12/28
mattb325 Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing 2007/12/28
N1_2888 A French castle - yeah! 2007/12/28
MMorales2 So Beautiful!! thank you. 2007/12/28
Odainsaker Wow, revenues from video game plugins must be really good to afford such a charming getaway pad! Exquisite BAT! 2007/12/28
patriots1228 Was this where they stayed in the movie "flyboys"? It looks very familiar. Great work! 2007/12/28
barbyw Thank you, my friend. Another wonderful birthday present for me. 2007/12/28
jacqulina wonderfull thankyou 2007/12/28
spa Beautiful. 2007/12/27
Simfan34 Amazing, my Jaw litterally dropped. 2007/12/27