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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007/12/02
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Although there are already a few high-quality park sets for SimCity 4 around, some more variety can't hurt. Since a park set with sand paths hasn't been created yet, and because I wanted to add some unique lots to the game, I thought I could create my own park set. The textures were sitting on my harddrive since at least a year already, and I also created some lots for my personal use. But withouth the great help of the SFBT and the SimForum members, I wouldn't have been able to finish the set to this extent. There are quite a few pieces, but you may want to choose only a limited set out of them.

This set includes 31 different lots. Apart from straight and diagonal paths, there are also various parking lots, and some transition lots that can be used to connect the sand paths to the other SFBT park sets, as well as the in-game streets via a transit enabled lot. Also supplied is an MML mod that will hide the icons in the menu until they are needed. Just plop the construction lot and let the game run a bit, and the other lots will become available. Once you bulldoze the construction lot and restart the game, the icons will be hidden again.

Dependencies (see readme file for links):

  • SFBT Essentials
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack Cycledogg
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack deadwoods
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack dolphin66 Vol. 2
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack MJB
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack ripptide Vol. 1
  • BSC Mega Prop Pack SimGoober


sejr99999 thank you still looks great 6 years later 2013/12/01
Ioseph thanks 2011/10/27
patfirefghtr Andreas thank you sooo much for this!!! This looks wonderful and I cant wait to use them!!! Might be in Silverbow region or even in GRV II ;-) 2009/03/14
plaspow 10/10 Very good job!!! 2008/10/11
powerpill-pacman Thanks very much. The set looks very nice indeed. 2007/12/03
metasmurf Best park set ever! 2007/12/03
SimNation This will be great to use right next to beach's like a sort of beach park. Nice work 2007/12/02
kimcar very well done 2007/12/02
jacqulina wonderfull allways looking for more paths thankyou 2007/12/02
patriots1228 Nice park set! 2007/12/02
Godzillasam Fine addition to my already full park menu. 2007/12/02
sebes Great pieces Andreas! 2007/12/02