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Creator: Bobbo662 Upload Date: 2007/11/22
Last Update: Never File Type: Growable
Views: 74 Category: Commercial - MEGA
Last Downloaded: 2018/05/21 Downloads: 8498


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In the installer there are two types of lot.
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse which comes as a 12x9 ploppable and a 12x6 growable both with CS$ jobs.
Lowe's Distribution Center which comes as a 13x8 ploppable and a 12x5 growable both with CS$ jobs.

BSC Props - B62 Lowes.dat (included with the download)

BSC MEGA Props - SG Vol 01

BSC Essentials

WalkingSnake Textures Vol01


zhousiyuan12321 thank you it's awesome! 2012/08/24
jg362343 Why is there a big box ? 2012/07/27
archkorn it great 2011/12/11
Mulu2065 Thank you, please do not delete this. 2011/08/18
sejr99999 thank you it's awesome to see these mega lots grow looking good 2010/12/11
Tenzwood Nice. and everyone, heres the walkingsnake textures http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1181 2010/06/09
Saouke The B62-Lowes.dat is not included with the download :/ 2010/05/28
jg362343 i can't find the WalkingSnake Textures Vol01 2010/05/21
Stucke513 That was the fastest loading I ever seen!!!! 2010/04/20
SCGOY Just like the real thing! 2009/02/16
Jawzz Great job I like this very much 2008/12/11
skateboy1221 thank you so much!is there anything to do about the box?plz reply im new 2008/09/22
Bobbo662 Parking 2008/02/29
Prznar1 WalkingSnake Textures Vol01 from link is gone. what kind of textures they are? parking? or what? 2008/02/26
bkballa4790 Awesomeness! 2007/11/27
patfirefghtr Bobby this is wonderful and thank you soo very much for Lowes, its been missing from my cities!!! 2007/11/26
Bobbo662 @Amapper - I'm sorry, but if you got to the top of the page, you'll see POWER SEARCH just click on that and there are drop down menus, you can click on WalkingSnake, and it will take you to the textures. 2007/11/25
Amapper This ( WalkingSnake Textures Vol01) link didn't work. Where do I find the file? Great job though and thank you for including a "plop" version!! 2007/11/24
patriots1228 proud moment in my life, I have all the dependencies! thanks 2007/11/24
dslmagic Super lot / bat my friend!!! The only thing better than this is if you made Home Depot, and a "realworld" large size Ikea (no offense to Gascooker's Ikea) Keep up the good work!!! 2007/11/22
yoshiisland2 O...M...G...This is totally freaking sweet! Thanks a ton man! 2007/11/22
sithlrd98 These look great ...I'm glad your back and still releasing some fine lots! 2007/11/22
SimNation thank god you didnt make this a CAM only bat lol. No offense BSC team :P. Wonderful work at always Bobbo662 cant wait to see more mega lots from u my low wealth sims will enjoy. 2007/11/22
sebes Thanks Bobby! 2007/11/22
xmike991 friggin amazing 2007/11/22