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Creator: Andreas Upload Date: 2007/09/24
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Following in jeronij's footsteps, this is another "all inclusive" mod that changes the look of your streets. The main focus is set to residential streets; however, a few commercial and agricultural zones can be altered as well. Other optional files will also change the look of the default Maxis trees on roads and oneway roads. The main goal of this mod is to add trees to streets in residential zones, as well as parked cars, which is a very common sight throughout Europe.

This mod is fully modular, so you can decide which street and road tiles should be affected by the mod, and you can also decide which trees should show up there. For this purpose, several street tree DATs have been created. It's even possible to mix the various tree styles, however the result will look best when you only install one DAT at once. More tree style DATs can be created later to use trees by other designers as well. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work for seasonal trees, but a seasonal tree version of this mod might be released later.

Depending on wealth type and zone density, the look of the streets varies. You won't see any cars parked on the curb in high-wealth low density zones, and only medium and high density zones will have parking bays and dirt circles for the trees. Please note that the DATs for roads and oneway roads will only change the trees, but they do not add any cars or parking bays to your roads. The DAT for agricultural zones doesn't add any cars or parking bays either.

You can install or uninstall the mod at any time you want. To update your streets with the new look (or the default Maxis look again), simply select the street tool and click on your streets, i. e. on the crossroads. The props will change automatically in a radius of a few tiles. By clicking more than one time, you can also alter the appearance of the trees, in case the first click didn't meet your liking for some reason. If brown boxes are showing up, please make sure you have all dependencies, as listed below.

Dependencies (see readme file for links)

  • BSC MEGA Prop Pack Cycledogg Vol. 1
  • Cycledogg No8 and No9 TreeModels
  • PEG MTP Resource Pack Vol. 1

Note: This download contains an installer for Windows. A Mac compatible version can be found here.


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