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Creator: jeronij Upload Date: 2007/01/31
Last Update: 2008/04/16 File Type: Plop
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This is my first release ever.
I just wanted to have it here ;-D When I read the readme I cant stop laughing

file actually needs the following Pack/s to work:




updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


AKI.ASAKI Thank you beautiful walls! 2018/04/07
sejr99999 thank you beautiful walls 2017/05/15
Salva1914 Thanks !! 2017/01/30
philzor @dopetrailer: be sure to grab BSC Textures Vol 03.dat 2014/04/17
dopetrailer I have the same problem as someone above, I get the fences and stuff but the actual wall isn't showing up at all. 2013/03/10
enterzandman It never seems to amaze me how ungrateful some folks can be. Dude busts his balls to make something cool and gives it away to some twats who can't install the right stuff to make it work then comes back and moans like its someone elses fault...Have some respect dudes and just ask for help before you start acting like dicks. Thanks have a good one and great work on the walls Jeronij 2013/02/05
warszawerer i was looking for this thanks! 2012/12/29
GamerManGT5 Cool :D 2012/03/21
tarmiji thanks 2011/12/13
Highrise99 It started when I saw some sea walls in a MD. So I searched "sea walls" in the LEX and your sea walls were on top of the list. They looked great, just like in the MD. I also wanted some similar walls for land. These are great too! 2010/07/08
plai thanks 2010/02/02
corey i have no problems . looks graet. thanx 2009/07/23
tomrolfe Good! thank you 2009/06/28
penis wtf theres trees and stuff but no concrete wall and i have the depenancy 2009/04/19
mafukw Thanks 2009/04/08
nicolair The fu*king AAO1 JERONI TEXTURAS MURO AUTOPISTA MODERNOV2.dat isn't there :@ WHY NOT? I need it. Or we can't see the actuall wall! 2008/12/05
asi327 nvm it's fine 2008/10/23
asi327 ... a file seems corrupted... 2008/10/23
pedroferreiralp more realistic. great job. 2008/10/08
deathtopumpkins Never mind. I found the texture pack still sitting on my desktp waiting to be extracted. 2008/05/01
deathtopumpkins None of the actual walls show up for me on any of the lots. I have the dependency, but just the fence and trees show up. 2008/05/01
Benjo1 Always wanted thse. Ty Jero. 2007/10/10
jeronij All the needed textures are included in the pack. You dont need any aditional file to use these walls. I have just re-checked it to confirm. 2007/08/21
Mr_Maison Seem to be missing textures for me. Some walls show, but not the 1x1. I get the trees and the fence but no concrete. Is there dependencies for the concrete walls? 2007/08/17
Artman94 Does this come with straight pieces, too? 2007/06/04
Gawwad I've seen these looking really nice, but I can't find the textures anywhere. Are they still up somewhere? 2007/03/11