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Street side Mod, by jeronij
See also this: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=36 for aditional sidewalk options !!!! 27/07/2006

Are you tired of Maxis streets ?�. Bring your residential and Commercial areas to life with this mod. You will see how your streets look much more alive than ever. The mod adds not only parked cars on the street side, but also a complete new set of trees ( re scaled to fit better with the game) ,new street lights ( thanks to Mickebear for the incredible $$$ lights set he made !!!) , new modern looking trash containers ( organic, paper and plastics are included), new street tree planters, bus, taxi, motorbike and cycle parkings, new sidewalks, and many other small details that you will surely enjoy !!!. You will see some of my trees as well as some of cycledogg`s ones. No seasonal trees are included in this release.

This is not a set of lots or a set of textures. This is a mod. The street tool work the same way as always. It is fully compatible with the NAM. This mod changes the straight ( and only the straight) street tile configurations for all the residential and commercial areas, for all the density and wealth levels.

The mod is adjusted so it fits with every different density/wealth combination area. In the low density / low wealth areas you will see some cars parked, a customized trees combination, and lots of trashcans and details. As the wealth grows, the trees change to an appropiate wealth level, the number of cars parked decreases, and the number of trashcans also decreases. In the low density high level areas, there are almost no cars parked. As the density grows, the number of cars parked also grows, as well as the trees change to fit the new density. This way, the different zones do have the appropiate number of cars and a trees and other props.

Dont use this mod if you are making old looking cities ;-D.

How to use the mod?�:

Quite simple. When you build new residential or commercia areas, the streets will be constructed as the zones develop, and will change as the wealth or density in the zone changes.

If you want to update an existing zone, simply choose the street tool ( Alt+R) and click once on the street you want to update. You will see as it magically changes.

If you dont like the layout that appears, simply click with the street tool again, and it will change. Click until you get the desired layout.

Customizing the Mod. Optional files.

There are two optional files. The sidewalks and the parking bays.

If you dont like the included sidewalks, and want to return to Maxis ones, simply delete the folder:

There are four different marked parking bays included:
# Blue ( like my home)
# White ( like London)
# Yellow ( because I like it ;-D)
# Grey ( no marked)
You can choose the one you prefere. Simply remove the folders marked OPTIONAL that you wont use. They can be found in the folder:
JRJ Street Parking lots SEMI_OPTIONAL

To ensure the proper functionality, make sure the files mentioned Below are installed in the plugins folder.

Base / Overlay Textures

Individual Prop Packs Found in this Mega Pack
BSC Textures Pack jeronij Vol01
BSC Mega Prop Pack jeronij Vol02
BSC Mega Prop Pack jeronij Vol05
BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1 BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1
Tree Models - CPT No8 and CPT No9
Tree Models - CPT No8 and CPT No9
BSC CP PropPack Vol02
BSC Prop Pack Cycledogg No 1


Thanks to the BSC teams for their ongoing support and contributions. Special thanks to Mikebear for his excellent set of $$$ ligh poles. There are 25 different models with nice ads panels to increase the beauty of your high wealth medium and dense areas. Great work Mika !!!
Another mention goes to Andreas Roth and the SFBT for making some of the trees families used in this mod.
Of course Cycledogg also deserves an big BIG thanks for his exceptional trees !!!
Special thanks also to all the modding community for making custom stuff so easily available given all the existing fantastic SC4 related tools

Please, make sure you read the readme file for full info about the mod !!!. Specially Mac users !!!

EDIT: I have opened a support thread for this mod. Post any incidences here:
Street side MOD support thread

This mod is not compatible with:
PEG MTP Rural Roadways Mod



File updated 04/2008: Changed / added Dependency links


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